11 Beautiful Blue And Green Color Palettes (With Hex Codes)

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Both blue and green are cool colors that are soothing and calming and when paired together they create blue and green color palettes that range from simple and minimalist, all the way to bold and vibrant! And because both green and blue are associated with nature and the environment they are a great color choice if you are looking for a color palette to emphasize sustainability and eco-friendliness.

Blue And Green Hex Code And RGB Values

Blue is a primary color while green is a secondary color that is created when you mix yellow and blue pigments together. This is what primary blue and pure green look like:

Primary Blue
Hex Code: #0000FF
RGB Value: RGB(0,0,255)

Pure Green
Hex Code: #00FF00
RGB Value: RGB(0,255,0)

Interesting fact – If you mix blue and green together in equal amounts you create teal! This is what teal looks like:

Hex Code: #008080
RGB Value: RGB(0,128,128)

Blue and Green Color Palettes

Without further ado, let’s take a look at some gorgeous blue and green color palettes! For each color palette, I’ve included the hex color codes in a table below each image so that you can begin using and experimenting with the blue-green color combinations straight away.

Bright Green & Blue Palette

This gorgeous blue and green flower-inspired color palette has bold and bright shades of green and blue that instantly draw the eye and create a vibrant, energetic feel.

Bright and bold green and blue color palette

Sunrise Color Palette

This beautiful green and blue color palette is inspired by an early morning sunrise with its olive-colored greens and softer powder blues.

Sunrise blue green color palette

Pastel Blue And Green Color Palette

This beautiful soft color palette combines pastel yellows, greens, and blues with contrasting blue and green shades. If you are looking for a gentle and soothing color palette, this one might just be for you! And if you are looking for more pastel blue color palettes, we’ve got you covered!

Pastel blue and green color palette

Ocean-Inspired Teal Color Palette

No showcase of blue and green color palettes would be complete without an ocean-inspired palette! This stunning palette contains different shades of teals mixed with blues, greens, and a light shade of gray.

Ocean green and blue color palette

Agite Green And Blue

No one can argue that nature creates the very best blue and green color palettes! And this is perfectly showcased in the following color palette that features shades of blue, green, and gray.

Agite with green, blue and gray color palette

Bold Greens And Blues

Shades of green combine with navy blue and a dash of brown! A peacock feather – the perfect blue-green color palette especially with navy blue as its base!

Bold blue and green color palette

Pink Accents

Adding accent colors to your green and blue color palette is an awesome idea! Look how well different shades of pink combine with bright blues and greens.

In fact, pink and green color combinations work so well together that we put together a full set of pink and green color palettes to showcase their beauty!

Blue and green color palette with pink accent colors

Yellow And Orange – Vibrant Accents

If you are looking for a bright and bold color palette then you can’t go wrong by combining blue and green with shades of orange and yellow! This color palette features a bright sunflower yellow along with a rusty orange that makes the colors pop!

Don’t forget to check out our blue and yellow color palettes as well as our blue and orange palettes for more color inspiration!

Sunflower blue and green color palette with yellow accents

Muted Greens And Blues

Another butterfly-inspired blue and green color palette! This time however without the bright pink accents. This more natural color palette includes a beautiful brown as an accent.

Muted blue and green color palette

Nature-Inspired Blue And Green Palette

If you are looking for an earthy-toned natural color palette then you need to consider this one! Its olive green color palette combines beautifully with grayish blues and an almost black color.

Earthy toned blue and green color palette

Blue Green Palette with Red Accents

If you are looking for an earth-inspired color palette with a dash of brightness then this gorgeous color palette might be for you! Rusty orange and maroon tones combine to create the perfect natural color palette. Of course, red and blue palettes are incredibly eye-catching so don’t forget to check out our color palette libary where you can find more color inspiration or even search by color!

Green and blue color palette with red and orange accents


By combining blue and gray you can create so gorgeous color combinations for just about any mood and taste! I hope you have found inspiration with these blue-green combinations, let me know in the comments section below!

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