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Color Theory


“Color is a power which directly influences the soul.”
Wassily Kandinsky


Color can have a powerful and profound impact on our emotions and how we perceive the world around us. We naturally associate certain colors with emotions, both good and bad! For example, red is often associated with passion, energy, and urgency, while blue is associated with calm, tranquility, and honesty.

These emotional associations with color can be very strong!

Clever marketers have learned how to use color as a powerful tool that is used to communicate a business’s personality and values to its audience. By using specific colors, businesses create a visual identity that resonates with their customers helping them to connect with their audience on a deeper level.
Learn everything you need to know about color here – from how color affects people to color palettes to color codes and guides.

Color Theory & More

Here you will find articles related to the fascinating world of color and how it can be used in branding and marketing. Because colors play such a powerful role in how people perceive businesses and brands it is good to know how to use color to your advantage!

Happy rainbow colors

Colors And Emotions – Use Color To Attract & Influence The Right Audience

I love color! And I find it fascinating how colors and emotions and interlinked and how they can impact our emotions, moods, and behaviors – often subconsciously. For example, did…

How to choose colors for your website

How To Choose The Best Color Palette For Your Brand And Website

Building your own small business from the ground up can be really exciting! And if you are just starting out, then one of the first things you are going to…

Color Paleettes That You Can Search By Color

Color Palette Library – Search By Color And Find The Perfect Color Palette!

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been creating a lot of color palettes that I hope will help you choose the perfect color palette for your small business website…

RGB VS CMYK color models

RYB vs RGB vs CMYK Color Models: Everything You Need To Know!

Colors are such an important part of our lives! This is especially true if you are an artist, graphic designer, or in any type of business, printing, advertising, or marketing…

Primary Colors In Art, Design and Printing

Primary Colors: A Guide to the Foundation Of Color Theory

Primary colors are the foundation of all other colors! Or put another way, they are like building blocks on which all other colors that we see and use are created.…

Secondary Colors

Secondary Colors: Everything You Need To Know!

Secondary colors are an essential part of color theory and the color spectrum! In my previous article about primary colors, we briefly touched on how to create secondary colors using…

Tertiary Colors

Tertiary Colors: The Ultimate Guide To These Beautiful Colors

When it comes to color, there are the basics: primary colors and secondary colors. Both of these play a fundamental role in color theory and how colors are created. But…

RGB Values And Hex Color Codes

Here you will find a collection of articles that explores specific colors and the different hues and shades that you can use when choosing a color palette for your brand. Each article comes with a color code table that contains color swatches, hex color codes, and RGB values for each color.

Blue color names, hex color codes and color values

75+ Blue Hex Codes To Help You Choose The Best Shades Of Blue

Blue is one of the world’s favorite colors, and it isn’t hard to see why. There are so many different shades of blue to choose from, ranging all the way…

Shades of red

65+ Red Hex Codes To Add Spice To Your Website & Designs!

Nobody can deny that red is one of the boldest, brightest colors out there! For centuries red has been linked to fiery emotions such as love and passion and even…

Green Color Names, Green Hex Color Codes, Green RGB Color Codes, Color Code Chart

50+ Gorgeous Green Hex Codes For An Inspiring Website And Brand

When building your website or choosing a color palette for your small business and brand, it is incredibly important to choose a color palette and hex color codes that match…

Yellow Color Names, Yellow Hex Codes, Yellow RGB Values

55+ Happy Shades Of Yellow: A Guide to Yellow Hex Codes

Yellow is a bright warm color that makes us feel happy, optimistic, and positive! There are hundreds of shades of yellow that you can see in nature every day -…

Shades Of Orange

75+ Orange Hex Codes To Add Energy & Warmth To Your Website

Orange is a unique color that is often not really thought about when choosing a color palette for a website or branding. However, once you start playing with all the…

Purple color code chart including hex codes and RGB values

95+ Elegant Purple Color Codes (With Hex Codes)

Purple is a gorgeous color that is vibrant, bold, and elegant! It’s no wonder that throughout the ages purple was an incredibly popular color choice for royalty. In fact, Queen…

Shades of pink including hex codes and RGB values

90 Pretty Shades Of Pink (Including Pink Color Code Chart)

Pink is a warm color that is often associated with feelings of happiness, positivity, optimism, and joy! After all, pink reminds us of awesome things like flowers, ice cream, cotton…

Shades of gray with gray color code chart.

95+ Stunning Shades Of Gray With Gray Hex Codes & RGB Values

Gray, also known as grey, is a neutral colour that is often associated with practicality and balance. In color psychology, gray is a calming colour that creates a sense of…

Article with white color code table with hex codes and RGB values

95+ Shades Of White: White Color Codes For A Fresh Color Palette

When most people think of white, they often have a very specific shade of white in mind – usually a bright white color, like freshly fallen snow, that is crisp…

Article with black color codes chart, hex codes and RGB values

97+ Shades Of Black Color Codes: Helping You Find The Perfect Shade Of Black

Black is one of those colors that is mysterious, sophisticated, and elegant and it can add a sleek and modern look to any design! Black is incredibly versatile and it…

Article featuring over 50 brown color codes, including hex codes and RGB values

50+ Brown Color Codes (Including Hex Codes And RGB Values)

Brown is a warm and earthy color that often symbolizes stability, comfort, and reliability in color psychology. It can range from a light sandy beige to a deep chocolate brown,…

Color Guides

Looking for detailed information about a specific color? Here you will find color guides for popular colors that include color swatches and hex color codes as well as complementary, monochromatic, triadic, and analogous color combinations. We also include different shades, tints, and tones of each color to help you choose the perfect color for your website design or business branding.

Lavender Color: Guide with hex codes and color swatches

Lavender Color Guide: Hex Codes & Swatches Included

Lavender is a beautiful pale shade of purple or violet that has become increasingly popular in recent years and it is a favorite color choice for many designers. But lavender…

Indigo Color Hex Codes

The Ultimate Indigo Color Guide (Including Hex Color Codes)

Today we are going to talk about a beautiful color that sits somewhere between blue and violet on the color wheel, the one and only color INDIGO! But what color…

Slate Blue color guide which includes hex codes and color swatches

Slate Blue Color Guide [With Hex Codes & Color Swatches]

The slate blue color is a gorgeous shade of blue that effortlessly blends tranquility and elegance into one stunningly beautiful color! Picture yourself standing on a misty shoreline in the…

Periwinkle Color Guide With Hex Codes And Color Swatches

Periwinkle Color Guide: Everything You Need To Know!

Periwinkle is a mesmerizing color that truly captures the essence of serenity, elegance, and beauty! It is a delicate color that is a blend between blue and purple but unlike…

Violet Color Guide With Hex Codes And Swatches

Violet Color: A Complete Guide With Color Codes & Swatches

Violet is a bold color that has an air of sophistication and mystery to it! Not only is it a bright vibrant color but it is also incredibly eye-catching and…

Amethyst Color Guide with hex codes and swatches

Amethyst Color Guide With Color Swatches & Hex Codes

Amethyst is a color that has fascinated and enchanted people for ages! It is a color that is steeped in feelings of mystery, symbolism, and royalty and it has been…

Chartreuse color guide with hex codes and swatches

The Definitive Chartreuse Color Guide: Hex Codes, Swatches, and More!

Have you ever come across a color that just screams “Look at me!”? Well, that’s the striking chartreuse color, my friend! Found somewhere between green and yellow it is a…

Russet Color Guide With Hex Codes

The Complete Russett Color Guide With Hex Codes Included!

Russet is a beautiful warm color that reminds me of Autumn leaves and rustic log cabins deep in the woods! I find it to be a nostalgic color that is…

Teal color guide with hex codes, color swatches and teal color palettes

The Ultimate Teal Color Guide [With Hex Codes & Color Palettes]

Teal is a beautiful and versatile color that has become quite popular over the last few years with you often seeing it being used in interior design and fashion. Teal…

Hunter green color guide with hex codes and color swatches

The Complete Hunter Green Color Guide: Hex Codes & Swatches Included

Today we are going to take a look at the enchanting hunter green color! It is a beautiful shade of green that has deep, earthy tones that truly embody the…

Color Palettes

If you are looking for color inspiration, then look no further! Here you will find a collection of color palettes organized by color that you can use to choose colors for your website or designs. Each set of color palettes comes with color swatches and hex color codes so that you can begin using the colors you like right away!

Don’t forget to check out our color palette library where you will be able to search by color!

Navy blue color palette examples

7+ Versatile Navy Blue Color Palettes [Hex Codes Included]

Navy blue is one of those colors that is timeless and incredibly versatile. It is a deeper and darker shade of blue that can be used in so many different…

Blue and green color palettes

11 Beautiful Blue And Green Color Palettes (With Hex Codes)

Both blue and green are cool colors that are soothing and calming and when paired together they create blue and green color palettes that range from simple and minimalist, all…

Pastel blue color palette

9 Beautiful Pastel Blue Color Palettes [Hex Codes Included]

Pastel blue is a beautiful, delicate, and calming shade of blue that is known to be a soothing and peaceful color. It has become pretty popular over recent years because…

Blue and brown color palettes and color combinations

9 Lovely Blue And Brown Color Palettes (With Hex Codes)

Along with pastel blue color palettes, blue and brown color combinations have also become very popular over the last few years with their cool blue and earthy brown colors able…

Red and blue color palettes with hex codes

9 Bold Red And Blue Color Palettes [With Hex Codes]

Red and blue are two of the most popular color palette choices used in branding and marketing – and for good reason! In color psychology, red is attention-grabbing and symbolizes…

Blue gray color palettes with hex codes

9 Striking Blue And Gray Color Palettes With Hex Codes

Today we are going to be looking at some gorgeous blue and gray color palettes and equally beautiful blue-gray color combinations! These subtle, yet striking color combinations offer a unique…

Blue and yellow color palettes with hex codes included

9+ Blue And Yellow Color Palettes (Hex Codes Included)

Blue and yellow are both stunning colors that bring a sense of calm and vibrancy when used together in blue and yellow color palettes. Why is this? When people think…

Blue and Orange Color Palettes With Hex Color Codes

7 Eye-Catching Blue And Orange Color Palettes (Hex Codes Included)

When you use a blue and orange color palette, you create a stunning and eye-catching color combination that certainly won’t go unnoticed! Why do blue and orange work so well…

Blue and purple color palettes with hex codes

7 Beautiful Blue And Purple Color Palettes (With Hex Codes)

Blue and purple are both cool colors that can create a beautiful and calming color palette when used together. They work so well together because they appear next to each…

Dark green color palette collection with hex codes

7 Sophisticated Dark Green Color Palettes (With Hex Codes)

Green is a color that people associate with nature and growth and dark green seems to add an extra feeling of depth and sophistication when it is used together with…

Sage green color palettes with hex codes and color swatches

7 Beautiful Sage Green Color Palettes (Hex Codes Included)

Sage green is one of those colors that has become really popular over the last couple of years, especially in interior design and if you are looking for sage green…

Olive green color palettes with hex codes

7 Earthy Olive Green Color Palettes (With Hex Codes)

Olive green is a muted, earthy green color with brown and yellow undertones that people tend to associate with nature and health. Of course, olive green gets its name from…

Pink and green color palettes with hex codes included

8 Pretty Pink And Green Color Palettes [Hex Codes Included]

Both green and pink are colors that remind us of nature and growth! When I think of pink and green color palettes, I immediately think of flowers, roses, and watermelons!…

Pastel pink and light pink color palettes with hex codes

8 Beautiful Pastel Pink Color Palettes (With Hex Codes)

Pastel pink and other light pink color palettes are soft and delicate and are most often associated with femininity, romance, and innocence. These colors are pretty versatile and can be…

Pink and Black Color Palettes With Hex Codes Included

8 Striking Pink And Black Color Palettes (With Hex Codes)

Pink and black are an incredible color combination that is visually striking and attention-grabbing! And there is no doubt that it will leave a lasting impression on your customers and…

Hot Pink Color Palettes With Hex Codes Included

8 Bold Hot Pink Color Palettes (With Hex Color Codes)

Are you looking for a vibrant, eye-catching color to include in your branding, logo, or website? Then look no further than hot pink! This incredibly bold, bright, and playful color…

Burgundy color Palettes With Hex Color Codes

9 Beautiful Burgundy Color Palettes (With Hex Codes)

I don’t know about you but when I think of burgundy I think of school uniforms and wine! Not a likely combination I know! However, don’t be fooled, burgundy is…

Orange Color Palettes With Swatches And Hex Codes

17+ Vibrant Orange Color Palettes (Hex Codes Included)

Orange is a warm, vibrant color that people often associate with energy and happiness, and because many also associate it with autumn, it can also represent transition and change. Orange…

Green and yellow color palettes with hex codes and color swatches

9 Gorgeous Green And Yellow Color Palettes (Swatches And Hex Codes Included)

Both green and yellow are beautiful colors that people associate with the natural world so they are often used in brands that want to promote health, wellness, and sustainability. Green…

Skin tones color palette

9 Beautiful Skin Tone Color Palettes [Hex Codes Included]

Humans are beautiful and diverse creatures! We come in all shapes and sizes and our physical appearance and skin tones are what make each of us truly beautiful and unique!…

Pastel Color Palettes

23 Beautiful Pastel Color Palettes (With Hex Color Codes)

Pastel color palettes have been a favorite for designers for quite a while now and it’s easy to see why! Their delicate muted tones are perfect for creating designs that…

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