70+ Journal Prompts for Self-Love: Learn To Love Yourself & The World Around You

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When was the last time you took a moment to reflect on yourself? Unfortunately, it is sometimes easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life and we forget to prioritize our own well-being and, because self-love is essential for our emotional, physical, and mental health, it definitely shouldn’t be ignored!  It is the foundation on which our lives are built and it can impact everything from our relationships to our careers. 

Because self-love is so incredibly important we’ve put a list of over 70 journal prompts for self-love to help you explore who you are and why you are worthy of love! 

These self-love prompts are designed to help you create a deeper sense of self-awareness, self-acceptance, and self-compassion.  They will encourage you to reflect on your strengths, your weaknesses, and your passions.  They will also help you to let go of negative self-talk and embrace your true beauty and worth. 

So without any further ado, let’s begin!

If you are a journaling beginner and need help getting started on your journaling journey, don’t forget to check out our guide on how to begin journaling, even if you don’t know exactly where to start!

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70+ Self-Love Writing Prompts For A Happier You

We’ve tried to break down our self-love prompts into sections to make it a little easier for you to work through them in your journal. 

Remember that you can include these journaling prompts in your everyday journal or you can create a self-love journal where you can work specifically on getting to know and love yourself!

Reflecting On Yourself

In this section, you will find reflective self-love writing prompts to help you explore your inner world to help you develop a better understanding of who you are.

  • Create a list of 3 things that make you uniquely you. Why are these things special?
  • Describe a moment when you felt genuinely proud of yourself.
  • Describe a time when you felt truly confident. What contributed to that confidence?
  • Write a letter to your future self, expressing love and encouragement.
  • Write a list of things you’re grateful for about yourself.
  • List five qualities that make you a good friend, partner, or family member.
  • Write about a time when you felt at peace with yourself and the world around you.
  • Create a list of your favorite songs and create a self-love playlist with songs that make you feel good about yourself. Why does each of these songs resonate with you?
  • List five things you’re grateful for in your life right now.
  • How have you grown in the past year, and what have you learned about yourself?
  • Create a list of your strengths. How can you celebrate and nurture them?
  • Write about a time when you took a risk and stepped outside your comfort zone. How did it make you feel?
  • Create a list of things you’re passionate about and want to explore further.
  • Describe a moment when you felt truly loved and accepted by others.
  • Reflect on a challenge you’ve overcome and the strength it revealed in you.
  • Describe a place or activity that helps you feel grounded and centered.

Body Image and Self-Acceptance

Learn to love the body you’re in with this set of self-love journaling prompts which are designed to help you create a postive relationship with your body and celebrate your unique beauty.

  • List 10 things that you like about your body and your appearance. What are your best features?  Why do you like them?
  • Think about a time when you felt confident and comfortable in your own skin. What did it feel like?
  • Write about a time when you struggled with body image issues. How did you overcome them?
  • Write a love letter to your body where you acknowledge every good thing about it. 
  • Think about on positive feedback you’ve received from others. How can you internalize this praise?
  • Think about a time when you felt like you were judged or criticized for your appearance. How did you handle it?
  • Create a list of self-care practices that you enjoy and help you to relax.
  • Using this list create a self-care routine that focuses on self-acceptance and body love.
  • Which self-care rituals you can incorporate into your daily routine?
  • Identify and eliminate one habit or behavior that hinders your well-being.
  • How can you create a morning routine that sets a positive tone for the day?
  • List three self-care activities you can do in under 10 minutes.
  • Reflect on the role of sleep in your self-love journey. How can you improve your sleep habits?
  • Think about a time when you felt disconnected from your body. How did you reconnect?

Self-Talk & Self-Worth

Often we are our own worst enemies! Use these self-love journaling prompts to challenge negative self-talk and reframe your thingking which will create a more psotive and compassionate inner voice.

  • Create a list of your favorite quotes, personal affirmations, or self-love mantras to help you stay positive and confident.
  • How would you describe your inner dialogue? Is it generally positive or negative? What limiting beliefs do you have about yourself?
  • Write a letter to your past self, offering advice and encouragement.
  • Imagine your inner voice as a supportive friend. What kind words of encouragement would they offer in difficult times?
  • Create a list of affirmations that you can repeat when you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed.
  • What are some negative self-talk patterns you’d like to break? 
  • List three things that make you deserving of love and happiness.
  • Write down three positive affirmations about your worth that you can repeat throughout your day.
  • Thank about and challenge any negative self-talk related to your appearance.
  • Write a letter of love and encouragement to your inner child.
  • Identify one negative thought pattern you often experience. How can you reframe it in a more positive light?
  • Write a letter to yourself acknowledging your worth and unique qualities.
  • How does your self-talk influence your own self-worth?
  • Identify one self-critical thought and challenge it with evidence of your strengths and achievements.
  • If your best friend was struggling with their self-worth, what encouraging words would you offer them? How can you apply the same kindness to yourself?

Happiness and Joy

This set of journaling prompts are designed to help you celebrate the joys of life and to practice gratitude for what you have. By focusing on the good things in life and embracing the present moment you can find joy and contentment within yourself.

  • Think about something you have accomplished recently that you are proud of. How can you savor that joy?
  • List three activities that always bring a smile to your face.
  • How can you infuse more laughter and playfulness into your daily life?
  • Describe a moment when you felt a deep sense of contentment and peace.
  • What are three things you love about your life right now?
  • Write about a childhood memory that brings a smile to your face. How can you recreate that joy?
  • List three activities or hobbies you enjoyed as a child. Can you reintroduce them into your life?
  • Reflect on the qualities of your younger self that you admire and want to embrace.
  • Describe a perfect day that revolves around things that bring you joy and happiness. How can you include these things in your life more regularly?
  • Think about the hobbies or activities that make time fly because you enjoy them so much. How can you make room for them in your life?
  • How does practicing gratitude contribute to your overall happiness?
  • List three goals that would bring immense joy into your life. How can you work towards them?
  • Write down three affirmations related to happiness and joy. How can you integrate them into your daily life?
  • Identify and release one habit or activity that drains your energy and diminishes your happiness.
  • Create a vision board of your dream life inside your self-love journal.  Remember to look at it often!
  • List three ways you can share joy with others, whether through acts of kindness or simply by being present.

One of the easiest ways to learn to love yourself and the world around you is through practicing gratitude! Check out our list of over 300 gratitude journaling prompts to help you work towards a more grateful and loving future!


This set of self-love journal prompts are designed to help you practice self-love within your relationships. By taking time to reflect on your relationships you’ll build stronger and more fulfilling connections with others.

  • How do your relationships contribute to your sense of self-love?
  • Create a list of qualities that you value in your closest relationships. How can you cultivate those qualities in yourself?
  • Are there any toxic relationships that may be hindering your self-love journey?
  • Think of ways that you can communicate your needs and boundaries within your relationships.
  • List three ways you can show love and appreciation to the important people in your life.
  • Write about a time when you felt deeply connected to someone. What did it feel like?
  • Write a list of people who have positively impacted your life. How have they influenced you?
  • Write a letter to a close friend or family member letting them know how much you appreciate them and how much they mean to you.
  • Create a list of people you would like to reconnect with. 
  • Think about the boundaries you have set in your relationships. Are there any adjustments that you need to make so that you can self-care and self-love?
  • Think about a recent act of kindness from someone close to you. How did it make you feel and do you think your connection is stronger?
  • Think about how you can create more lighthearted and joyful moments with your friends.


I hope these self-love journal prompts have inspired you to prioritize your own self-love and self-care.  And remember, don’t be afraid to be kind to yourself, to take time out for yourself, and to celebrate your uniqueness!  You are worthy of love and respect and it’s time to start treating yourself that way. Happy journaling!