31 Best Retro Google Fonts: Add A Vintage Vibe To Your Designs

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Retro and vintage fonts are an awesome way to capture the essence of the past while adding a modern twist to your website and designs. And it’s no secret that retro and vintage styles have made a roaring comeback. From fashion to interior design and everything in between, people are truly embracing the nostalgia and charm of bygone eras. And what better way to create that retro feel than through the power of typography and some amazing Google Fonts!

The Google Fonts library has a massive collection of typefaces and fonts that is an incredible resource to use if you are looking for the perfect vintage fonts that evoke the spirit of yesteryears. And the best part is that these fonts are free to download and use!

But, with so many fonts available in the Google Fonts collection, how do you find the right font without spending hours and hours browsing through the collection? Fear not, I’ve done all the hard work for you!

In this article, I’ve collected and summarized all the best retro Google fonts that are available so that you have a quick reference to the fonts that are available. So whether you are revamping your website, designing a poster, choosing fonts for your brand simply designing a groovy birthday invitation, we’ve got you covered! And don’t forget that you can use any of these fonts in Google Docs as well, so you are good to go if you are a Google Docs enthusiast!

So, get ready to dive into a nostalgic collection of retro and vintage Google fonts that will transport your audience back to the days of disco and flower power with iconic font styles from the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s.

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What Makes a Font Retro or Vintage?

There are a few characteristics that retro and vintage fonts have that add to their retro vibe. These are a few of their defining characteristics:

Bold and Chunky Letters

Retro and vintage fonts will often embrace a bold and chunky appearance that is full of personality and charm. These fonts can’t be missed and are often paired with bold colors that are energetic and fun.

Along with bold and chunky fonts, bubble fonts can’t be forgotten. Bubble fonts were very popular, especially in the 60s when colorful designs with flowing letters were all the rage!

Retro Bubble Font Example
Retro Bubble Font Example
Source: קול הקמפוס., Wiki Commons

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Serif or Script Styles

Vintage and retro fonts fully embrace both serif and script font styles. Serif fonts have small decorative strokes on the ends of each letter stroke giving the fonts a touch of timeless style that is very popular for vintage-inspired designs.

Script styles on the other hand mimic cursive handwriting that creates a sense of nostalgia and personalisation that is perfect for adding a retro vibe to your designs.

Retro Serif Font Example
Retro Serif Font Example
Source: RCA Records
Retro Script Font Example
Retro Script Font Example
Source: Servicentro, Wiki Commons

Decorative Font Elements such as Shadows, Gradients, or Textures

One of the stand-out features of retro and vintage fonts is the way that they use decorative elements such as shadows, gradients, textures, and other artistic touches to enhance the visual impact of the font. These artistic touches add depth and dimension giving the fonts a unique and eye-catching appearance especially when combined with color.

Inspired by Typography from the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s

To truly capture the retro vibe, fonts often draw inspiration from the typography that was used in the 60s, 70s, and 80s. These decades were marked by bold experimentation and a move away from traditional design norms.

Fonts from these eras were heavily influenced by the psychedelic and pop art movements that incorporated unconventional, shapes and vibrant colors. Studying the typography used during these decades will allow you to capture the feeling of groovy disco beats and funky aesthetics.

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Top Retro Google Fonts for Vintage Designs

Let’s jump in and take a look at some of the best retro Google fonts in the Google Fonts collection!


Yesteryear is a vintage-inspired retro Google font that evokes the charm and elegance of old handwritten letters. With its cursive style, it adds a touch of nostalgia to designs, making it a great choice for vintage-themed projects, invitations, or anything that requires a hint of bygone elegance.

Yesteryear retro font example


Pacifico is a charming and playful retro Google font that captures the essence of vintage diners. With its fluid and handwritten style, it exudes retro vibes, making it an excellent choice for designs looking for a funky old-school style.

Pacifico google retro font example


Playball is a lively and energetic retro Google font reminiscent of 70s-style text. It embodies the spirit of old sports teams and recreation, making it perfect for sports-themed designs, posters, or vintage-inspired branding.

Playball vintage font example

Great Vibes

Great Vibes is an elegant and sophisticated retro Google font that emulates vintage calligraphy. With its graceful curves and intricate details, it adds a touch of class to any design.

Great Vibes vintage font example

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Grand Hotel

Grand Hotel is a retro-style Google font that captures the essence of vintage luxury and glamour and it is the perfect font choice for designs seeking a touch of old-world elegance and sophistication.

Grand Hotel Retro Google Font Example


Kavoon is a quirky and distinctive retro-style 60s Google font that combines bold letterforms with a hand-drawn aesthetic. Its playful yet vintage style makes it a great choice for logos, headlines, and designs that aim to stand out with a touch of funkiness.

Kavoon 60s font example

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Ranchers is a unique retro Google font that exudes an old American charm. With its bold lettering and vintage Western vibe, it’s perfect for designs that need a hint of the Wild West or old-world charm.

Ranchers old american font example


Condiment is a decorative retro Google font inspired by vintage packaging and signage. Its bold and eye-catching letters add a touch of nostalgia and uniqueness to designs, especially in the food and beverage industry.

Condiment retro font example

Mrs Sheppards

Mrs Sheppards is a retro script font that embodies the essence of vintage handwritten letters. It has uneven letters that are unique and eye-catching with an old American charm to them.

Mrs Sheppards 60s font example


Chicle is a quirky and playful retro Google font with a distinct 80s retro font style. Its bold and chunky letterforms, reminiscent of vintage comic books, add a fun and energetic flair to designs, making it perfect for headlines, posters, and creative projects.

Chicle retro font example


The Oi Google font has a very distinctive design with bold and strong letters. Its bubble-shaped letters make it the perfect 60s font reminiscent of hippie-style flags, posters, album covers, and all things flower power!

Oi Google retro style font

This very funky retro font can be a little tricky to find in the Google Fonts library, so here is a link to where you can download it!


Lobster is a popular retro Google font with a distinctive vintage Hollywood aesthetic. Its bold and unique letters ooze with retro charm and it is often used in designs needing a nostalgic touch.

Lobster google retro font example


Yellowtail is another vintage Google script font that is lively and expressive that is reminiscent of mid-century signage and typography. Its fluid strokes and playful nature make it a great choice for designs that require a touch of vintage flair and personality.

Yellowtail retro font example


Fascinate is a retro Google font that captures the bold and glamorous style of the 70s. With its bold and distinct letters, it adds a sense of intrigue and allure to designs, making it ideal for headings, titles, or any design that aims to grab your audience’s attention. Fascinate comes in two styles that both work incredibly well for retro-style designs.

Fascinate retro glamour font example
Fascinate Inline 70s font example

Purple Purse

Purple Purse is more of a whimsical retro Google font that has a charming feel to it. Its casual letters with their old design are eye-catching and have a funky vibe that can’t be denied.

Purple Purse retro Google font example

Atomic Age

Atomic Age is a retro Google font that pays homage to the iconic typography of the 80s and 90s. With its bold and geometric letterforms, it captures the futuristic and optimistic spirit of the mid-20th century, making it an excellent choice for vintage-inspired designs.

Atomic Age 80s style font example

Cherry Cream Soda

Cherry Cream Soda is a fun and bubbly retro Google font that emulates the vibrant spirit of the 80s. Its rounded letterforms and playful style make it perfect for designs that aim to evoke nostalgia and capture the essence of that colorful decade.

Cherry Cream Soda 80s Google font example

Cherry Bomb One

Cherry Bomb One is a bold retro-style Google font inspired by vintage rock concert posters. Its thick strokes and funky style make it an ideal choice for designs that need to convey energy, attitude, and a hint of rebellion.

Cherry Bomb One vintage Google font


Notable is a vintage Google font that embodies the bold and distinctive lettering often found in vintage newspapers and headlines. Its strong presence and timeless style make it suitable for attention-grabbing titles, banners, or any design that needs a touch of vintage newsprint charm.

Notable vintage Google Font example

Special Elite

Special Elite is a typewriter-inspired retro Google font that brings to mind the vintage charm of old typewritten documents. Its uneven texture adds a nostalgic and authentic touch to designs, making it perfect for vintage-themed projects or creating a retro typewriter effect.

Special Elite vintage typewriter font example

Press Start 2P

Press Start 2P is a funky vintage Google font that mimics the pixelated style of old-school video games from the 80s and 90s. Its blocky letters and digital aesthetics evoke a sense of nostalgia, making it an ideal choice for gaming-related designs or anything that requires a nostalgic pixel art vibe.

Press Start 2P 90s video game font

Mystery Quest

Mystery Quest is a fun and playful retro-style font that adds a touch of enchantment and intrigue to designs making it a great choice for any design that needs a whimsical retro feel.

Mystery Quest fun retro Google Font example


Monoton is a bold retro font that captures the essence of vintage posters and signage. With its industrial and mechanical style, it adds a touch of retro grit and impact to designs, making it ideal for headlines, logos, and designs that aim to make a bold statement.

Monoton retro Google Font


DotGothic16 is a retro Google font that pays homage to the pixelated style of the 80s and 90s computer interfaces. Its grid-based letterforms and digital aesthetics make it a great choice for designs that require a nostalgic and futuristic blend, reminiscent of retro video games or technological nostalgia.

DotGothic16 90s Computer font


Bungee is a dynamic and lively retro Google font that captures the spirit of the 80s. With its exaggerated letterforms and energetic style, it adds a sense of depth and movement to designs, making it ideal for headlines, posters, or any project that wants to embrace the retro vibes of that era. Bungee comes in six different styles: Bungee, Bungee Shade, Bungee Inline, Bungee Outline, Bungee Hairline, and Bungee Spice.

Bungee Google Font example
Bungee Shade retro Google Font example
Bungee Inline retro Google Font example
Bungee Outline vintage Google font example
Bungee spice retro Google Font example
Bungee Hairline retro thin Google font example

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Audiowide is a sleek and futuristic retro font inspired by the typography of the 80s and 90s. It has geometric letters that bring a sense of modern retro elegance to designs making it a great choice for tec-related projects, logos, or any design that is looking to balance vintage and contemporary elements.

Audiowide 90s retro Google font example

Spicy Rice

Spicy Rice is a groovy retro font that embodies the essence of the psychedelic era. It has bold and curvy letters that very much remind me of Austin Powers and the swinging 60s!

Spicy Rice Google Font Example


Retro-style Google Fonts are the perfect way to add a touch of nostalgia, timeless charm, and personality to any design. Whether you’re aiming for the 70s vibe, vintage Hollywood glamor, 60s hippie style, or a funky 80s look, these vintage fonts capture the essence of bygone eras and allow you to create a memorable sense of nostalgia that appeals to a wide range of audiences.


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