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“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”
Benjamin Franklin


WordPress is one of the most popular website builders out there, and for good reason! It is free, and easy to use and it is one of the best ways to build a website without any coding knowledge.
Build Your Website With WordPress

11 Reasons Why You Should Use WordPress To Build Your Website

Now that you have bought your web hosting and explored cPanel, it is time to begin building your website!  But where do you begin? The first step is to decide…

Install WordPress With cPanel and Softaculous

How To Install WordPress Using cPanel And Softaculous

In my last article, 11 Reasons Why You Should Use WordPress To Build Your Website, I went through all the reasons why WordPress is a great option for building a…

An overview of the WordPress Admin Panel for beginners

The WordPress Admin Panel & Dashboard – A Beginners Guide

Once you have successfully installed WordPress, it’s time to start building your website! Whoop Whoop! In WordPress, you control everything on your website from the WordPress admin panel. Think of…

How To Install A WordPress Plugin

How To Add A Plugin To WordPress (Beginners Guide)

Now that you’ve installed WordPress and explored the WordPress Admin Panel and Dashboard, I bet you are ready to begin building your website! One of the first steps to do…

How To Add A Coming Soon Page To WordPress

How To Create A Coming Soon Page For Your WordPress Website

You’ve bought your domain and web hosting, installed WordPress to your website, and with great excitement, you check your small business’s home page and it is, well, UGLY! Now what?…

WordPress Settings And Options

WordPress Settings Made Simple: A Beginners Guide

If you are a WordPress newbie you might feel like you are drowning in the sea of settings and options! Don’t worry though, it isn’t as tricky as it looks.…

Best WordPress Theme

WordPress Themes: The Basics + My Pick For The Best WordPress Theme

Out of the box, many WordPress websites don’t look great! This is especially true if one of the standard WordPress themes was installed when you originally installed WordPress onto your…

How To Install The Blocksy WP Theme

Step-By-Step Guide To Installing The Blocksy WordPress Theme: Beginners Tutorial

If you’ve been following along with our WordPress tutorials you will know that, up to this point, we have bought a domain name and website hosting, installed WordPress using cPanel,…

How To Use The WordPress Customizer

The WordPress Customizer: A Quick Overview For Beginners

The WordPress customizer is an amazing tool that helps you to easily customize your website in real-time – it allows you to preview each change before actually making the change…

How To Create A WordPress Site Icons

How To Create A WordPress Site Icon (Favicon): Quick & Easy Guide

What on earth is a favicon (WordPress Site Icon)? A favicon is a simple logo, icon, or design that is added to your browser window tab. It is the little…

How To Add A WordPress Site Icon To Your Website

How To Add A Favicon To Your WordPress Website: 11 Easy Steps

A favicon, which is also called a WordPress site icon in WordPress websites, is a small graphic image that appears in your browser tab next to your website title. But…

How To Use The WordPress Media Library

How To Use The WordPress Media Library: 5-Minute Tutorial

Just about every website owner out there uses media, such as photos and videos, to add interest and information to their websites. And WordPress makes managing all these media files…

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