25 Narrow or Condensed Fonts For Sleek Designs

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Condensed and narrow fonts are known for their space-saving characteristics and narrow letters that are modern, elegant, and eye-catching! They are a game-changer if you are creating a design where you need to fit more content into a small space.

When it comes to finding high-quality free condensed fonts, there are a few awesome fonts available on Google Fonts! The library has a wide selection of some of the best condensed fonts around and they come in a variety of styles which makes choosing the right font easy!

What Are Condensed Fonts?

A condensed font is a type of font that has narrow letters with smaller spacing between its characters. Unlike regular fonts, condensed or narrow fonts take up less horizontal space than their normal font counterparts. This makes them the perfect font choice for times when your space is limited and you need to fit more content into a smaller space.

The best narrow fonts allow you to display your text prominently without sacrificing readability which is really important for any design. This makes them a really great choice for headlines, titles, subheadings, and even body text.

The Best Condensed and Narrow Google Fonts

And now for the good part! Let’s take a look at some of the best condensed and narrow fonts that are available in the Google Fonts Library!

If you would like more ideas, check out our collection of Thin and Skinny Google Fonts!

Six Caps

Six Caps is one of the narrowest Google fonts! It is one of the best ultra-condensed fonts that is still very easy to read despite how narrow it is.

Six Caps Google Font Example


Dorsa is another ultra-condensed font that isn’t quite as bold as Six Caps.

Dorsa Font Example

Zen Loop

Zen Loop is a sleek sans-serif condensed font, that is perfect for minimalist designs.

Zen Loop Example


Imbue is a beautiful elegant font that is narrow enough for compact designs.

Imbue Example

Tuplen One

Tuplen One is quite unique and eye-catching!

Tulpen One Google Font Example

Alumini Sans Pinstripe

Alumini Sans Pinstripe is a narrow sans-serif font that has a uniform design and a crisp and clean look and feel.

Alumini Sans Pinstripe Font Example


Karatina is a bold condensed font that makes a strong impact!

Karantina Example

Wire One

Wire One is a clean and easy-to-read narrow Google Font that has a streamlined and professional look.

Wire One Example

League Gothic

League Gothic is one of the best condensed Google fonts and for good reason! It has a bold and powerful appearance that can’t be ignored!

League Gothic Font Example

Big Shoulders Display

The Big Shoulders Display font comes in 6 different styles so if you love the look of this font you really are spoilt for choice! These are the other fonts within the Big Shoulders font families:

  • Big Shoulders Text
  • Big Shoulders Stencil Text
  • Big Shoulders Inline Display
  • Big Shoulders Inline Text
  • Big Shoulders Stencil Display
Big Shoulders Display Font Example


BenchNine is an easy-to-read narrow font that works well for body text.

BenchNine Example

Pragati Narrow

Pragati Narrow is quite a stylish font that is bold an easy to read.

Pragati Narrow Example

Pathway Gothic One

Pathway Gothic One is another narrow sans-serif font that is modern and sleek.

Pathway Gothic Example

Amatic SC

Amatic SC has a hand-drawn appearance which gives it a more personal and organic touch while still saving on space.

Amatic SC Font Example

Yanone Kaffeesatz

Yanone Kaffeesatz is another simple sans-serif font that has a narrow appearance.

Yanone Kaffeesatz Example

Fjalla One

Fjalla One is simple, stylish, and modern.

Fjalla One Font Example


Teko has more of a futuristic design which makes it a great choice for tech-related designs and modern branding.

Teko Google Font Example

Barlow Condensed

Barlow Condensed is another incredibly popular Google font that has a couple of different typefaces including:

  • Barlow Condensed
  • Barlow Semi-Condensed

Each typeface has 18 styles ranging from Thin to Black so you really are spoilt for choice!

Barlow Condensed Font Example

PT Sans Narrow

PT Sans Narrow is a really easy-to-read condensed font that is a great choice even in places where you need to use small font sizes.

PT Sans Narrow Font Example


Oswald is a classic and bold condensed font that comes in 6 styles ranging from ExtraLight to Bold.

Oswald Font Example

Fira Sans Extra Condensed

Fira Sans Extra Condensed is a versatile font that includes five different fonts within its font family:

  • Fira Sans
  • Fira Sans Condensed
  • Fira Mono
  • Fira Code

Fira Sans Extra Condensed comes with 18 styles ranging from Thin to Black and it includes italic versions as well.

Fira Sans Extra Condensed Font Example

Saira Extra Condensed

Saira Extra Condensed has tall and narrow letters that are also easy to read and versatile.

Saira Extra Condensed Google Font Example

Stint Ultra Condensed

Stint Ultra Condensed is a unique font with more stylized letters.

Stint Ultra Condensed Google Font Example

Roboto Condensed

The Roboto typefaces are probably some of the most popular fonts in the Google Font Libary and you will always see Roboto at the top of the list if you search by popular fonts within the library. It comes in 6 different typefaces which include:

  • Roboto
  • Roboto Mono
  • Roboto Slab
  • Roboto Flex
  • Roboto Serif

Roboto Condensed comes in 6 styles ranging from Light to Bold and it includes italics as well.

Roboto Condensed Font Example

Sofia Sans Condensed

Sofia Sans Condensed is a beautiful font that has clean lines. It also comes in an extra condensed version which you can see below.

Sofia Sans Condensed Font Example

Sofia Sans Extra Condensed

Sofia Sans Extra Condensed is the ultra-condensed version of the Sofia Sans Condensed Google font.

Sofia Sans Extra Condensed Google Font Example


I hope that this collection of the best condensed Google fonts has given you a good idea of the narrow fonts that are available for free in the Google Fonts library. And don’t forget to check out our guide to Google Fonts if you are new to Google Fonts and would like to use them. The guide explains all the ins and outs of how Google Fonts work and how to use them.

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