The Complete Russett Color Guide With Hex Codes Included!

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Russet is a beautiful warm color that reminds me of Autumn leaves and rustic log cabins deep in the woods! I find it to be a nostalgic color that is very earthy and it has a warmth and charm that is undeniable.

In this russet color guide, we are going to dive into the beautiful world of russet! We’ll look at all the different shades of russet that there are and how you can use them together with other colors.

Let’s begin!

What Color Is Russet?

Russet is a deep, warm, and earthy color that is described as reddish-brown or brownish-red, often with reddish-orange undertones and it gets its name from an old French word “Rousset”, which means “reddish-brown”. It is a tertiary color which means it is created by mixing a primary color with a neighboring secondary color on the color wheel.

What Does Russet Look Like?

Russet is a unique, earthy color that beautifully combines different elements of red and brown. It is a warm color that has a natural beauty and richness. Many people also refer to this color as russet brown.

This is what russet looks like:

Hex Code: #80461B
RGB Value: RGB(128,70,27)

What Colors Do You Use To Create Russet?

In the RGB color model, russet is created by mixing the following proportions of red, green, and blue:

  • Red: 56.89%
  • Green: 31.11%
  • Blue: 12%

In art, you can try mixing light green with orange together in more or less equal amounts. Alternatively, you can also try mixing red, orange, and yellow with smaller amounts of black.

Where Is Russet Found On The Color Wheel?

As mentioned, russet is a tertiary color which means it is created by mixing a primary color, in this case red with a neighboring secondary color. On the color wheel, you will see that it is found somewhere in between red and the color orange.

This is where russet is found on the color wheel:

Russet's location on the color wheel
Russet On The Color Wheel

Russet RGB Color Code

RGB color codes are a handy way of specifying how much red, green, and blue are found within a specific color. They are displayed in the following format: RGB(RR,GG,BB)

Russet’s RGB color code is RGB(128,70,27).

Russet Hex Code

Another popular way of specifying colors is by using hex color codes. These codes also represent the amount of red, green, and blue found within a color and they are displayed in the following format: #RRGGBB.

The russet hex color code is #80461B.

Is Russet Orange Or Brown?

Russet definitely leans more toward a brown color which is why many people refer to it as russet brown. Although from the swatches below you can definitely see that the russet color has characteristics of orange as well.

To compare, this is what orange and brown look like against Russet:




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Is Russet A Warm Color?

Yes, it is! Warm colors are those that typically fall on one half of the color wheel and include reds, oranges, and yellows. They are associated with things like fire and sunshine and create a sense of warmth and energy.

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Russet Colors: Shades, Tints & Tones

By using different russet shades, tints, and tones you can use it to your full advantage to create different effects and moods.

How To Create Shades Of Russet

Shades of russet are created by adding black to the base color. As you add black, the russet color deepens and becomes deeper, richer, and darker creating more grounded, earthy colors.

Shades Of Russet

Here are a few examples of different shades of russet:

Russet Shades

How To Create Russet Color Tints

Russet tints are created when you add white to the base color. The more white you add the lighter and more delicate the russet color will become. Although these colors still have a russet vibe, they appear a lot softer and are perfect for more gentle and soothing types of designs.

Tints Of Russet

Here are a few color swatches and examples of different russet tints:

Russet Tints

How To Create Russet Tones

To create different russet color tones you simply need to add gray to the base color. Depending on the amount of gray that you add you will end up with russet colors that are more subdued and muted. These toned-down colors create a beautiful grounded effect when used in your color palettes.

Russet Tones

Tones Of Russet

I’m not going to lie, finding other russet colors wasn’t the easiest! However, I hope that these will give you an idea of the different russet colors you can use!

Russet Brown

GM Dark Russet

GM Light Russet

Burnt Russet

Russet Red

Russet Orange

Russet Green

Light Russet Green

What Colors Go With Russet: Russet Color Combinations

Because russet is such a gorgeous earthy color it goes well with a lot of different colors creating many different and interesting color combinations.

Let’s take a look at some common russet color combinations.

Russet Complementary Colors

If you are using color theory to choose colors that go well with russet then you should definitely consider using russet’s complementary color.

Complementary colors are those that are found opposite each other on the color wheel.

Russet’s complementary color is a beautiful rich medium-toned blue color that is cool and slightly muted (#1B5580). When mixed with russet it creates a sense of contrast and depth.



Monochromatic Russet Color Combinations

Monochromatic color combinations are those where shades and tints of the same color are used to create blended and more harmonious color palettes.

Here is an example of a monochromatic russet color palette:




Analogous Russet Color Combinations

Analogous colors are those colors that you will find next to each other on the color wheel.

Russet’s analogous colors are a gorgeous muted, earthy shade of olive green and a rich shade of red that is similar to deep crimson or burgundy.




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Triadic Russet Color Combinations

A triadic color palette uses three colors that are spaced out evenly around the color wheel. Russet’s triadic colors are quite intense and might not suit everyone! However, if you use shades, tints, and tones of these colors you might just be able to create a winning combination.

Russet’s triadic color palette includes a shade of Indigo that contrasts beautifully with russet brown. And if you would like to use indigo in our color palette or website design, don’t forget to check out our full indigo color guide.




Russet Tetradic Color Combinations

Tetradic color palettes are palettes where four colors are used. They are sometimes also called double complementary colors because they are arranged into complementary color pairs which create a striking contrast against each other.

For russet, its tetradic colors include a shade of blue that is very similar to its complementary color (#1B5580) as well as its triadic indigo color. It is rounded off with a vibrant grassy-green color.





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Russet Color Meaning

Russet’s warm and earthy color is quite distinctive and it really embodies the essence of autumn. When people see the russet color they often associate it with warmth, comfort, and contentment and many find it grounding and secure. It also creates feelings of strength, stability, and reliability.

Russet also often evokes nostalgic feelings of simplicity and it often carries with it a sense of timelessness, tradition, and charm – think old photographs and vintage objects!

While russet evokes many positive feelings in people it is also more of a conservative color so some might find that it is boring, dull, and predictable. Of course, if your design is geared more towards a conservative, traditional audience then it might be a good color option.

And finally, russet reminds us of nature with its rustic look and feel that creates a sense of stability and balance. This makes it a great choice for any type of eco-friendly or nature-orientated design, product, or service.


If you are choosing a color palette and you want to remind people of the comforting feelings associated with crackling fireplaces on chilly evenings or a walk through an autumn forest then russet might be the color for you!

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