The Ultimate Teal Color Guide [With Hex Codes & Color Palettes]

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Teal is a beautiful and versatile color that has become quite popular over the last few years with you often seeing it being used in interior design and fashion.

Teal is a cool, calming color that creates a relaxing atmosphere and conveys a sense of trustworthiness and reliability. And because it is more of an unusual color choice when choosing colors, it can be memorable, and eye-catching, and can allow you to stand out.

In this article, we are going to deep dive into the world of teal! So if you are looking for a comprehensive teal color guide you have come to the right place! And don’t forget to check out our collection of teal color palettes if you need some inspiration and ideas!

Let’s dive in…

What Color Is Teal

Teal is a rather striking color that falls somewhere between green and blue. It is sometimes described as a medium to dark shade of bluish-green or greenish-blue.

Why Is Teal Called Teal?

Teal gets its name from the Eurasian teal bird (Anas Crecca) which is found in Europe, Asia, and North America. This beautiful duck has a dark greenish-blue stripe on its head after which the teal color is named.

The Common Eurasian Teal Bird (Anas Crecca)
The Eurasian Teal Bird – Anas Crecca
Source: Zsoldos Márton, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

What Does Teal Look Like?

The teal color looks like a mixture of blue and green – think of the ocean on a summer day or bright peacock feathers!

This is what teal looks like:

Hex Code: #008080
RGB Value: RGB(0,128,128)

Is Teal Blue Or Green?

Teal is neither blue nor green! And although it has qualities of both colors, it is difficult to pinpoint exactly whether it would be a blue or green color. I would say that teal is its very own unique color!

But let’s compare the colors. For this example, I won’t use the pure green color (#00FF00) which is very bright, instead, I will use traditional green which is a much more natural shade of green (#008000).

This is what blue and green look like against teal:




RGB (0,128,0)

What Is The Difference Between Teal And Turquoise?

Many people use teal and turquoise interchangeably but there are differences between the two colors.

Teal is more of a medium to dark greenish-blue color with green undertones that has a much deeper and darker tone.

On the other hand, turquoise is a lighter and brighter color that tends to have more bluish undertones. It is also a lot lighter and brighter and it has much more of a vibrant color.

To compare, this is what teal looks like versus turquoise:



RGB (64,244,208)

Is Teal Green Or Aqua?

Teal is neither green nor aqua. If you place teal alongside green and aqua you will see that it is a much darker and deeper color compared to green and aqua.

Aqua is a lot brighter and lighter than teal and it has a very distinct blue color to it.

Green is also just as bright as aqua and both colors are incredibly vibrant and eye-catching.

Teal on the other hand is much more of a subtle and subdued color.

This is what teal, aqua, and green look like:




Pure Green
RGB (0,255,0)

What Colors Make Teal?

Teal is created when you combine approximately equal amounts of blue and green together and it can range from a light, bright shade all the way to a dark and rich tone depending on how much green and blue you use.

Depending on what teal color you choose, you can use it as your primary base color or as an accent color. And one of the great things about teal is that it works well with many other different colors as well which you will be able to see when we get to the color palettes down below.

Is Teal A Tertiary Color?

Yes, it is! Tertiary colors are created when you combine a primary color with a secondary color. In the case of teal, you would combine the primary color blue with the secondary color green. Other tertiary colors include vermilion, magenta, violet, chartreuse, and amber.

Where Is Teal Found On The Color Wheel?

The teal color is found between green and blue on the color wheel.

Teal On The Color Wheel

Is Teal A Warm Or A Cold Color?

Teal is considered to be a cool color because it is created by mixing green and blue together both of which are considered to be cool colors.

For a quick way to check whether a color is a warm or cool color, simply look at the color wheel. Cool colors are usually found on one half of the wheel. These colors include blue, green, and purple. Warm colors are found on the other half of the wheel and include red, orange, and yellow.


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Teal Hex Code And RGB Value

Both hex codes and RGB values are used to display how much red, green, and blue are found within a particular color.

Teal RGB Value

RGB values are displayed in the following format: RGB(RR,GG,BB). From the color codes below you can see that teal contains no red.

The teal RGB value is RGB(0,128,128).

Teal Hex Code

Just like the RGB value, hex codes also specify how much red, green, and blue are within a specific color and are displayed in the following format #RRGGBB.

The teal hex color code is #008080.

Popular Teal Colors

There are quite a few different shades of teal that you can choose from. Here are a couple of the more popular teal colors along with their corresponding hex color codes and RGB values:

Teal Blue


Teal Green


Dark Teal


Aegean Teal (Benjamin Moore)


Dark Sea Green

Deep Teal


Light Teal




Pale Turquoise


Soft Teal


Bright Teal


Steel Teal

Egyptian Teal


Tropical Teal

Marine Teal

Teal Color Shades, Tints & Tones

By adding black, white, and gray to the base teal color, you can create an incredibly wide range of different colors!

Shades Of Teal

To create different shades of teal, simply add black to the base color. These are just some of the shades that can be created:

Shades Of Teal

Teal Tints

On the opposite end of the spectrum, you have teal tints. These are created by adding white to the base color.

Tints Of Teal

Teal Tones

And for more subdued teal colors, add gray to the base color creating different teal tones.

Tones Of Teal

Colors That Go Well With Teal

There are quite a few colors that tend to go really well with teal so you don’t need to feel limited if you would like to use teal in your branding. These colors include:

  • White – A clean and timeless color combination that is sophisticated and has a classic feel to it.
  • Gray – This beautiful combination of colors creates an elegant and sophisticated vibe.
  • Yellow or Orange – Combining teal with yellow or orange creates a bright contrast of colors that creates a summery look and feel.
  • Navy Blue – Combining teal with navy blue creates a more formal feel and you will sometimes see this color combination being used in corporate environments.
  • Pink – This is another combination that creates a bright contrast of color that works really well together.

If you would like to be a little more scientific about the colors that go well with teal, then you should definitely take a look at the following teal color combinations:

Teal Complementary Colors

If you are looking for the color opposite to teal then you would be looking for its complementary color! Complementary colors are those that are found opposite each other on the color wheel.

In this case, the color opposite to teal would be maroon with hex code #800000.



Monochromatic Teal Color Combinations

Monochromatic colors are those that use different shades and tints of the base color to create a color palette. They can either be lighter colors or darker colors depending on the mood you are trying to create. In this example, shades of teal are used.




Analogous Teal Color Combinations

If you would like to use colors that are quite similar to teal then you could consider a analogous color palette. Analogous colors are found next to each other on the color wheel.




Triadic Teal Color Combinations

If you are looking for something a little different then a triadic color combination might be just want you are looking for! These colors are evenly spaced around the color wheel and they create an eye-catching contrast of colors. Here teal is contrasted against a lighter russet color and a shade of burgundy.




Teal Tetradic Color Combinations

If you are wanting to expand even further on the colors that go well with teal then you could consider a tetradic color palette. In this case, it includes a green and purple color along with maroon.





Of course, by playing and experimenting with different tones, shades, and tints of each color within a palette, you can really create some beautiful color combinations!

Teal Color Meaning

Teal is associated with a few common meanings and interpretations which include:

  • Calm – People often associate teal with a sense of calm, tranquility and emotional balance and serenity. It can make people feel relaxed and at peace in a similar way to what water or a peaceful natural environment can.
  • Healing: Teal is also sometimes connected with emotional well-being and healing. And because it is believed to have a calming effect on the mind it is thought that it can help reduce anxiety and stress.
  • Renewal: Because teal has such wonderful calming and healing effects on people it is also linked to renewal and rejuvenation symbolizing a fresh start, growth, and a positive outlook.
  • Self-Expression: It is thought that teal encourages communication, trust, and understanding which allows people to express themselves with clarity.
  • Elegance: Teal is often associated with sophistication and elegance. Its darker tones especially convey a sense of style and class.


Teal is not a color that immediately comes to mind when you are deciding on colors. However, it can be a wonderful color to choose depending on the type of look and feel you are trying to create. I hope that this teal color guide has inspired you and given you some great ideas to help you!

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