65+ Spicy Shades Of Red

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Nobody can deny that red is one of the boldest, brightest colors out there! For centuries red has been linked to fiery emotions such as love and passion and even anger and aggression.

Red is used to grab attention and create a sense of urgency which is why colors like blood red are such popular colors in advertising especially when it comes to clearance sales and promotions. Red is also an incredibly popular color that is used for restaurants, takeaway businesses, and food packaging because it stimulates the appetite!

In this article, we are going to look at the many different shades of red and the name of each red color as well as red hex codes and red RGB codes that are used to create each different shade of red.


Shades Of Red Hex Color Codes Infographic

Primary Red Color Swatch

True red or primary red is the most intense shade of red because it contains no green or blue. By changing the red values or adding different amounts of green and blue, you can change the color to suit you.

True Red / Primary Red
Red Hex Code: #FF0000
Red RGB Code: RGB(255, 0, 0)

Most Popular Shades Of Red

Before we begin, let’s take a quick look at a few of the most popular shades of red that people like to use.

Hex Code: #800020
RGB Value:


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Red Hex Code and RGB Chart

Creating different shades of red is easy once you know how the RGB and hex color codes work. I’ve compiled a list of some of the most popular shades of red to give you an idea of the variety of different reds you can create.

Blood Night #551606 rgb(85, 22, 6)
Black Bean #3D0C02 rgb(61, 12, 2)
Dark Scarlet #560319 rgb(86, 3, 25)
Red Blood #660000 rgb(102, 0, 0)
Blood Red #7E3517 rgb(126, 53, 23)
Vermilion #7E191B rgb(126, 25, 27)
Deep Red #800517 rgb(128, 5, 23)
Dark Red #8B0000 rgb(139, 0, 0)
Burgundy #8C001A rgb(140, 0, 26)
Saffron Red #931314 rgb(147, 19, 20)
Crimson Red #990000 rgb(153, 0, 0)
Cranberry #9F000F rgb(159, 0, 15)
Carbon Red #A70D2A rgb(167, 13, 42)
Brown #A52A2A rgb(165, 42, 42)
Fire Brick #B22222 rgb(178, 34, 34)
Tomato Sauce Red #B21807 rgb(178, 24, 7)
Chilli Pepper #C11B17 rgb(193, 27, 23)
Love Red #E41B17 rgb(228, 27, 23)
Lava Red #E42217 rgb(228, 34, 23)
Imperial Red #ed2939 rgb(237, 41, 57)
Tractor Red #fd0e35 rgb(253, 14, 53)
Ruby Red #F62217 rgb(246, 34, 23)
Fire Engine Red #F62817 rgb(246, 40, 23)
Ferrari Red #F70D1A rgb(247, 13, 26)
Neon Red #FD1C03 rgb(253, 28, 3)
Red #FF0000 rgb(255, 0, 0)
Scarlet Red #FF2400 rgb(255, 36, 0)
Coral Red #ff4040 rgb(255, 64, 64)
Red Orange #ff5349 rgb(255, 83, 73)
Grapefruit #DC381F rgb(220, 56, 31)
Rusty Red #da2c43 rgb(218, 44, 67)
Jasper #d73b3e rgb(215, 59, 62)
Cherry Red #C24641 rgb(194, 70, 65)
Chestnut Red #C34A2C rgb(195, 74, 44)
Red Fox #C35817 rgb(195, 88, 23)
Copper Red #CB6D51 rgb(203, 109, 81)
Shocking Orange #E55B3C rgb(229, 91, 60)
Red Gold #EB5406 rgb(235, 84, 6)
Tomato #FF6347 rgb(255, 99, 71)
Sunset Orange #fd5e53 rgb(253, 94, 83)
Pastel Red #ff6961 rgb(255, 105, 97)
Bittersweet #fe6f5e rgb(254, 111, 94)
Salmon #fa8072 rgb(250, 128, 114)
Valentine Red #E55451 rgb(229, 84, 81)
Pink Coral #E77471 rgb(231, 116, 113)
Light Coral #f08080 rgb(240, 128, 128)
Brink Pink #F67280 rgb(246, 114, 128)
Blush Red #E56E94 rgb(229, 110, 148)
Pale Violet Red #DB7093 rgb(219, 112, 147)
Medium Violet Red #C71585 rgb(199, 21, 133)
Violet Red #F6358A rgb(246, 53, 138)
Brick Red #cb4154 rgb(203,65,84)
Bright Maroon #C32148 rgb(195, 33, 72)
Rose Red #C21E56 rgb(194, 30, 86)
Popstar #be4f62 rgb(190,79,98)
Redwood #a45a52 rgb(164,90,82)
Tuscan Red #7c4848 rgb(124,72,72)
Cordovan #893f45 rgb(137,63,69)
English Red #ab4b52 rgb(171,75,82)
Japanese Carmine #9d2933 rgb(157,41,51)
Pale Carmine #af4035 rgb(175,64,53)
Indian Red #CD5C5C rgb(205, 92, 92)
Tango Pink #e4717a rgb(228,113,122)
Red Pink #FA2A55 rgb(250, 42, 85)
Radical Red #ff355e rgb(255, 53, 94)
Light Red #FFCCCB rgb(255, 204, 203)
Red White #F3E8EA rgb(243, 232, 234)

What Is The Difference Between Burgundy And Maroon?

While burgundy and maroon look very similar they are created differently. Burgundy is created by adding blue to red and it has a purplish undertone whereas maroon is made by adding brown colors to red.

This is what burgundy looks like versus maroon:

Hex Code: #800020
RGB Value: RGB(128,0,32)


Red Hex Codes: Understanding the Different Shades of Red

In my previous article about blue color codes and how to use them, I explained how each color can be displayed as a hex color code, which is displayed in the following format:


Or, an RGB color code which is displayed in this format:

rgb(rr, gg, bb)

Each color is made up of varying combinations of red, green, and blue, and the color changes when these values change. For example, you create purple by combining red and blue.

True Red Hex Code

Hex color codes are made up of 6 letters or numbers which specify how much red, green, and blue are within a specific color – zero meaning that there is no color, and F meaning that the color is fully saturated. If you were to have a hex color code of #000000 there would be no color (black).

Red is one of the primary colors along with blue and green – this means that the primary red color does not contain any blue or green.

The true red / primary red hex code is #FF0000.

Red is important because it is used to create other colors such as yellow which is a combination of red and green.

Primary Red RGB Code

RGB codes are also broken down into three sections, each specifying how much red, green, and blue are in each color.

The true red RGB code is rgb(255, 0, 0)

When using RGB color codes, you use numbers from 0 to 255 to specify how much red, green, and blue are contained in a specific color. In the case of true red, red is fully saturated (255) while there is zero green and blue.

Learn More About The Color Red!

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Red is an awesome color to choose if you are creating a bold and bright journal! And with red being a warm color that is linked to feelings of happiness and well-being it can be used in your gratitude journals as well. And, with so many different shades of red to choose from with a selection of red hex codes to use, you are sure to find a color that is perfect for you whether you are looking for light and bright shades such as Ferrari Red or darker reds such as Vermilion.

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