9 Gorgeous Skin Tone Color Palettes

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Humans are beautiful and diverse creatures! We come in all shapes and sizes and our physical appearance and skin tones are what make each of us truly beautiful and unique! While some people have warm, golden undertones to their skin others have cool pink or blue undertones. Likewise, some people have very fair or pale skin while others have deep and rich skin colors.

Not only are skin tone color palettes useful when it comes to art and design, but they can also be used in journaling color palettes! The gorgeous natural tones of each palette are a really great choice if you have natural or sustainable products or services you want to promote and because each of these colors is very versatile, they can be used to create a wide range of different moods and styles.

In this article, we are going to look at a collection of different skin tone color palettes. Each palette comes with color swatches and the corresponding hex color codes.

Skin Tone Hex Color Codes And RGB Values

Let’s get started with a basic skin tones palette. This one consists of six colors with warm undertones ranging from a dark brown/black color to a more pale beige color.

RGB (58,61,54)

RGB (102,77,72)

RGB (150,99,78)

RGB (199,141,117)

RGB (214,170,141)


If you would like to download this palette with its corresponding hex codes, you can do so right here!

Skin tones color palette with hex codes

Skin Tone Color Palettes

Let’s get started with a few more skin tone palettes! And don’t forget to check out our color palette library if you are looking for more color palette ideas!

Dark Brown Skin Tone Color Palette

This gorgeous palette has a warm undertone with colors ranging from a deep black color to a pale brown color which creates a beautiful contrast in the colors.

Dark brown skin tones palette

Medium Brown Skin Tone Color Palette

This palette has a slightly cooler feel to it and the beautiful browns create a calming and harmonious palette.

Medium brown skin tone color palette

Olive Skin Tone Color Palette

This darker olive color palette has yellow undertones which blend together seamlessly!

Dark olive skin tones color palette

Warm Skin Tone Color Palette

If you are looking for a warm color combination that has more pinkish undertones then this one might be for you!

Olive Skin tones color palette with pink undertones.

Warm Pink And Brown Undertones

Just like our previous palette, this one also has pink undertones but the pink color is more pronounced in this color palette.

Medium skin tones color palette

Contrasting Fair Skin Tone Color Palette

This color palette is very similar to the previous one but there is more of a contrast in the colors that I have chosen.

Fair skin tones color palette

Rosy Skin Tone Palette

This beautiful pale skin tone color palette moves all the more toward lighter pink shades. If you would like to create more of a contrast in the palette, then you can add ashy browns to it for more depth.

Rosy pink skin tones color palette

Pale Skin Tone Palette

Our final palette features cooler pink tones ranging all the way from a pale white color to brownish pink tones.

Very pale skin tone color palette



When you are choosing colors for a new journal, you could consider using beautiful skin tone color palettes if you want to create a natural earthy vibe. I hope that these skin-toned color palettes have helped to inspire you and have given you some ideas on what colors you can use!

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