7 Sophisticated Dark Green Color Palettes

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Green is a color that people associate with nature and growth and dark green seems to add an extra feeling of depth and sophistication when it is used together with other colors in your color palettes.

If you are choosing colors for your theme or designs, dark green can be used as either your main focus color or as an accent color. It can also be used as a neutral color or base color to round off your design.

Here you will find a few examples of some beautiful dark green color palettes that you can use in your designs. Each color palette comes with corresponding color swatches and hex color codes so that you can begin using them right away. If you are looking for more shades of green don’t forget to check out our green color code collection!

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Dark Green Color Palettes

Here you will find a collection of dark green color palettes complete with the hex color codes and color swatches for each palette. Use the hex codes to specify the exact color you would like to use in your design.

Dark Forest Green Color Palette

Let’s get started with this gorgeous, dramatic palette that features dark forest green colors coupled with lighter shades of greens such as sage green to soften its look and feel.

Dark green color palette with lighter green tints

Bright Neon Green Contrasts

This green color palette includes similar shades of green. However, instead of muted shades of light green, it includes bright and vibrant shades of bright and neon greens as accent colors.

Dark green color palette with bright green accents

Plaid Green Color Palette

This beautiful plaid green color palette combines dark green with lighter shades of yellow greens and mustard yellows as accent colors.

Plaid green color palette with mustard yellow accents

Dark Green And Brown Color Palette

This gorgeous nature-inspired dark brown and dark green color palette takes advantage of a light beige color and a moss green shade to contrast against the dark brown and darker green colors in the palette.

Dark green color palette with brown accent colors

Clean And Bright Dark Green Palette

A beautiful sage green blends beautifully with yellows and grays to contrast against the darker green colors in this palette. The color combination creates a much softer palette that is eye-catching and bright.

Dark green palette with olive green and white accent colors

Dark Green And Purple Color Palette

Shades of sage green and dark green blend perfectly with a powder purple color creating a striking contrast in this lovely color palette.

Dark green color palette with light purple accent colors

Dark Forest Green And Maroon Palette

Greens and just about every shade of red usually blend really well together and this color palette takes advantage of this beautiful color combination. Combining a shade of dark forest green and deep burgundy with lighter shades of pink and green colors you can create a beautiful complementary color palette that really is eye-catching.

Dark green, forest green, maroon and pink color palette


Darker green colors are pretty versatile and they add depth, character, and sophistication to your journaling or color scheme. And because it can be used in so many different ways with so many different colors, it definitely is worth considering a dark green color palette if you are choosing colors for your small business or blog.

If you would like more color palette ideas then check out our full color palette collection where you can also search by color!

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