8 Pretty Pink And Green Color Palettes

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Both green and pink are colors that remind us of nature and growth! When I think of pink and green color palettes, I immediately think of flowers, roses, and watermelons! Because people often associate these colors with the natural world create a sense of vibrancy, vitality, beauty, and even energy depending on the colors you choose.

In this article, we are going to look at a few beautiful pink and green color palettes that you can use for color inspiration if you are deciding on colors for your theme or design. Each color palette comes with a color code table that contains a swatch of each color along with hex codes so you can use the colors right if you are using a digital journal. And if you would like more color palette ideas check out our library!

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Pink And Green Color Palettes

Because pure green is so bright, you will find that most pink and green color palettes will often use darker shades of green along with sage greens and olive greens to create more muted and natural color palettes. Contrast these gorgeous green colors against different shades of pink and you have a winning color combination!

Pink and Sage Green Color Palette

This color palette is a perfect example of how nicely shades of pink mix with different shades of sage green. This calming palette is probably one of my favorites!

Dusty pink and sage green color palette

Dark Jungle Green And Light Pink

A dark jungle green is used as a base in this beautiful pink and green color palette. The dark green is then contrasted against light pinks and greens to create a harmonious palette that is soothing and relaxing.

Dark forest green and blush pink color palette

Lime Green And Pastel Pink Palette

Shades of lime green also work incredibly well with pink! This palette creates a really vibrant and bright contrast of colors with a lime green color acting as an eye-catching accent color.

Light pink and lime green palette

Hot Pink And Green Palette

Hot pink works really well when paired with different shades of light pink shades and sage greens. Just like lime green in the palette above, hot pink can work as a vibrant eye-catching accent color in your color palette.

Hot pink and green color palette

Pink and Green Gray Color Palette

Pink also works really well with different shades of green-gray colors. Whether you are using the greens as the accent colors or the pinks, you can’t go too wrong with this pink and green color combination!

Pink and green gray color palette

Green, Pink, And White Palette

If you are looking for a crisp clean color palette then this one could be for you! Combine pinks with sage green and add a splash of white to create this beautiful palette!

Pink green and white palette

Pink, Green, and Yellow Color Palette

Looking for another bright accent color or contrast color? Why not give Yellow a try? Just like lime green, yellow also offers you a bright attention-grabbing color that works really well in a pink and green color palette!

Pink, green and yellow color palette

Pink, Green, And Burnt Orange Palette

If you are looking for a palette that has a very earthy natural vibe then this might be a great option for you! This palette combines a dark burgundy color with burnt orange and army green as its base and then adds a beautiful blush pink color and pastel pink to the mix for a brighter contrast. Don’t forget to check out our other orange color palette and burgundy color palette ideas!

Pink, green and burnt orange color palette


Pink and green color palettes really are beautiful and they are a great option if you are looking for a natural color palette for your journal that still offers a splash of color and warmth. I hope these color palettes have inspired you and helped you come up with ideas for your own palettes! I’d love to know, which is your favorite?

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