8 Striking Pink And Black Color Palettes

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Pink and black are an incredible color combination that is visually striking and attention-grabbing and there is no doubt that this is a color combo that leaves a lasting impression! And, the best part about using pink and black color palettes is that you can really play with the mood you are trying to create by using different shades of pink to complement the black colors you use.

Why Use Pink And Black In Your Color Palette?

Victoria's Secret Logo - A great example of a pink and black color palette

In color psychology, pink is a color that is associated with feminity, love, and playfulness. It is a light airy color that can bring softness to a design if you use lighter shades or drama if you use a bright pink color.

Black, on the other hand, is an elegant and sophisticated color that brings an air of timelessness and power with it. When combined, these colors really do create a striking contrast that is beautiful and bold!

A great example of a pink and black color palette in branding is that of Victoria’s Secret. Pink represents the femininity and playfulness of their brand while black conveys sophistication, elegance, and luxury.

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Black And Pink Color Palettes

And now, let’s take a look at a few pink and black color palettes to get you started! Each color palette comes with a color swatch and corresponding hex color code for you to use in your designs right away! Need more ideas? No problem, check out our color palette library here!

Dusty Pink, Brown, And Black Palette

Let’s get started with a palette that is probably one of my favorites in this group! A black base color is combined with a dark earthy brown and a few pink colors that create a harmonious color palette that feels warm, soothing, and calming with a natural vibe.

Pastel Pink, black and brown color palette

Black, Gray and Pink Color Palette

If you are looking for a cooler color palette, why not try combining black and pink with different shades of gray?

Gray, pink and black color scheme

Cameo Pink and Black Palette

This color palette uses a darker shade of cameo pink (#EFBBCC) as well as a blue-gray color as an accent color in the design. Don’t forget to check out our light pink and pastel pink color palettes if you are looking for more ideas using these lighter pink colors!

Black and cameo pink color combination

Black and Hot Pink Color Palette

Just like Victoria’s Secret, this color palette uses a shade of hot pink (#FF69B4) to add a striking contrast to the black base. Use all five of these colors or simply choose two or three to create your perfect color palette!

Hot pink, pastel pink and black color combination

Pink, Black, And Red Palette

This color palette combines a graphite black color with a deep red color to create a palette that is dark and sophisticated. Splashes of pink are used as lighter accent colors.

Black, pink and red color scheme

Black, Red, Pink, And White Palette

This color palette is similar to the previous one in that it also uses black, deep red, and pink colors. However, this one uses shades of white to make the palette a lot lighter and brighter!

Pink, black and white color combination

Brown, Black And Pink Color Palette

This is another beautiful warm color palette that uses black and pink along with a warmer shade of brown. This palette has more of a neutral feel to it.

Pink, black and brown color combination

Black, Pink, And Cream Palette

Neutral colors also work incredibly well in pink and black color palettes! This palette combines a black-red color, that is similar to a black color called “Black Bean”, with pinks and a neutral cream color.

Pink, black and cream color scheme


Pink and black color palettes are beautiful and versatile and depending on the colors you decide to use, you can create many different moods for your journals and designs – from warm and cozy to cool and sophisticated. I hope these palettes have given you some ideas to play with!

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