9 Perfect Pastel Blue Color Palettes

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Pastel blue is a beautiful, delicate, and calming shade of blue that is known to be a soothing and peaceful color. It has become pretty popular over recent years because it not only is beautiful, but it also has a comforting and balancing effect on the mind and body. Add a touch of elegance to your journal with beautiful pastel blue color palettes!

Because pastel blue and other light blues have such a calming and relaxing feel to them you will find that pastel blue color palettes often come with serene landscapes or oceanic scenes that evoke a sense of tranquility and peacefulness.

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Pastel Blue Color Palettes

Here you will find a collection of light and airy pastel blue color palettes along with their corresponding hex color codes. Enjoy!

Flower-Inspired Pastel Blue Palette

This beautiful pastel blue color palette features purplish-blue shades that are elegant and clean! If you are looking for other purple and blue palettes, check them out here!

Flower-inspired pastel blue color palette

Feathery And Light Pastel Color Palette

This beautiful pastel blue color palette features a dash of gray and a splash of pastel pink that contrasts beautifully against the shades of blue.

If you would like a warmer pastel color palette then check out our pastel pink color palettes as well!

Dusty pastel blue, gray and pink color palette

Cool Pastel Blue Palette

This beautiful soft color palette only contains various shades of pastel blue. Isn’t the little Arctic fox gorgeous?!

Cool pastel blue palette

Brown And Pastel Blue Palette

Dusty ash browns are some of the best colors you can combine with pastel blue! If you are looking for an organic natural pastel color palette, you can’t go wrong with this one!

Looking for something a little darker? Check out our other brown and blue color palettes here!

Pastel blue and brown color palette

Seaside Blue Gray Color Palette

Need less brown and a little more misty pastel blue? No problem! This calming and soothing pastel blue and gray color palette might be just what you are looking for.

Seaside pastel blue palette with browns and grays

Easter-Inspired Pastel Color Palette

By combining pastel blue with pastel yellow and pastel pink you can create a beautiful color palette that is a little brighter and more cheerful. This color palette is a favorite for new and expecting moms looking for décor ideas for their baby’s nurseries!

Easter-themed pastel blue color palette featurin pastel yellow and pastel pink

Sky Blue Inspired Pastel Color Palette

Sometimes you just want a brighter pastel blue color palette! This palette pretty much sticks to blue and draws inspiration from the summer skies!

Sky blue color palette featuring pastel blues

Misty Pastel Blue Color Palette

By using a dark blue or navy blue shade as an accent color in your pastel blue palette you can create some contrast and drama in your design!

Misty pastel blues color palette

Cheerful Pastels!

Pairing darker blues and grays with pastel blues and pinks and yellows also works well and makes the color palette a bit brighter and more cheerful.

Pastel blue, pink and yellow color palette


Pastel blues are a beautiful addition to any color palette and can be combined with lots of different colors to create different moods in your designs! Don’t forget to check out our color palette library where you can search by color if you are looking for more ideas and inspiration!

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