9 Bold Red And Blue Color Palettes [With Hex Codes]

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Red and blue are two of the most popular color palette choices used in branding and marketing – and for good reason!

In color psychology, red is attention-grabbing and symbolizes passion excitement, and energy. Blue, on the other hand, represents reliability, trust, and security and also conveys a sense of professionalism and stability.

When you use a red and blue color palette, you create a powerful contrast in color that can evoke strong emotions while still conveying a sense of balance. This is why you will often see red and blue used in flags and political campaigns.

And both colors just look so darn good when mixed together!

Blue And Red Hex Codes And RGB Values

Blue and red are both primary colors and when you combine them they create various purple shades.

This is what the primary blue and primary red colors look like:

Primary Blue
Hex Code: #0000FF
RGB Code: RGB(0,0,255)

Primary Red
Hex Code: #FF0000
RGB Code: RGB(255,0,0)

Red And Blue Color Palettes

Here you will find some bright and bold red and blue color combinations along with a few more muted palettes that you can use. Each palette comes with a corresponding hex color table that you can use to reference the colors you would like to use.

Bright And Bold Blue And Red Palette

This beautiful bold blue and red color palette creates a lively mix of maroon, sky blue, and pastel blue shades that contrast beautifully with each other!

Bright and bold blue and red palette

Flag-Inspired Red and Blue Palette

As mentioned above, political parties absolutely love red and blue color combinations! Here is a color palette that combines blue, red, and white for another striking design palette.

Flag with red, white and blue color palette

British Blue, Red, And Gray Palette

If you would prefer not to use white in your blue and red color palette then why not try gray instead! This blue, red, and gray color combination balances the bold shades of red and blue with neutral grays.

British blue, red and gray color palette

Denim Blue Color Palette

Looking for a more muted combination of colors that is still contrasting bold? This one could be just what you need! Denim blues and navy blues contrasted with a darker shade of red mixed with a dash of pink creates a beautiful color combination with a softer feel.

Denim blue and red palette

Nature-Inspired Blue, Red, And Green Color Palette

Nature is the very best creator of color palettes and color combinations! This beautiful palette combines a darker blue-gray color with red, orange, a dash of green, and a splash of brown.

Looking for more ideas using these color combinations? Then check out our blue and yellow and blue and orange color palettes!

Natural blue, red, green color palette

Brightest Blue And Red Color Palette

Another nature-inspired color combination! But this time, super bright and super bold! Combine navy blue with lighter shades of blue, red, orange, and yellow to create this eye-catching palette!


Sky Blue and Red Palette

Shades of sky blue contrast beautifully with bright shades of red and an accent brown color. Check out our blue and brown color palettes for more earthy-toned color palettes!

Sky blue and red color palette

Sunset Blue, Red, And Pink Palette

Shades of blue and red contrast and blend beautifully with pastel pinks to create this gorgeous sunset-inspired palette! If you love pink then check out our collection of pastel pink color palettes as well!

Sunset red, blue and pink color palette

Winter Red And Blue Palette

Using grayish blues combined with muted reds and grays creates this lovely calming and a lot more neutral-colored palette. The splash of orange provides contrast to an otherwise muted color palette.

Winter blue red color palette


If you choose to use a red and blue color palette you certainly won’t be limited by what you can achieve. In fact, with so many different shades to choose from you might have a hard time knowing where to start!

I hope that this collection of blue and red color palettes along with their corresponding hex codes will inspire you to create the perfect combination of colors if you are designing your website or deciding on brand colors! And if you would like more ideas, please check out our full color palette collection where you can search all our color palettes by color!

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