9 Lovely Blue And Brown Color Palettes

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Along with pastel blue color palettes, blue and brown color combinations have also become very popular over the last few years with their cool blue and earthy brown colors able to create a harmonious and balanced look and feel.

Not only do blue and brown color palettes create balance in a design but they also create a sense of calmness and serenity making them a great choice for self-care journals where you want to create a peaceful vibe!

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Blue and Brown Color Palettes

Below you will find some of my favorite brown and blue color palettes. Underneath each color palette picture, you will also find a table with each color’s corresponding hex color code so you can begin using them in your designs right away!

And if you need more color inspiration, don’t forget to check out our full color palette collection where you can search all our color palettes by color!

Bright And Bold Blue And Brown Color Combination

This beautiful bold blue color palette blends perfectly with the more neutral shades of brown.

Bright bold blue and brown color palette

Seaside-Inspired Brown And Brown Palette

This beautiful seaside-inspired palette combines yellowish-brown colors with pastel blues to create a calming color palette.

Sandy brown and blue color palette

Corporate Blues And Browns

Dark navy blue combines perfectly with browns and light shades of slate blue to create a crisp and clean color palette perfect for more corporate-type businesses.

Corporate blue and brown color palette

Pastel Blue With Bold Brown

If you are looking for color inspiration that focuses more on brown colors with just a splash of blue then this might be the color combination you are looking for! Dare I say that pastel blue and darker browns are one of the most beautiful color combinations out there!

Pastel blue and brown color palette

Muted Seaside-Inspired Color Palette

Unlike my previous seaside-inspired color palette, this one features more muted and misty shades of brown and blue. Again, a gorgeous shade of pastel blue is used to contrast against the brown and light gray color.

Muted blue and brown color combination

Teal Blue And Brown Palette

If you are looking for something a little different, why not try combining a more teal-colored blue with your browns? This combination really is striking!

Teal blue and earthy brown color palette

Yellow-Brown and Blue Palette

If you like the yellow-brown shades in my earlier seaside-inspired palette but want something a little bolder and brighter, then this color combination might be just what you need.

You can find more yellow and blue color palettes here if you need them!

Yellow brown and blue color palette

Blue, Brown, and Green Color Palette

Add a dash of green to your color palette for an even more earthy and rustic look and feel!

Blue, Brown and green color palette

Purplish Blue And Brown

There are so many different shades of blue that you certainly aren’t limited by what color combinations you can use. This color palette uses purplish blues to complement the brown shades in this palette.

Gray, blue, brown color palette


A blue and brown color palette is a great choice for anyone who wants a versatile color combination for their designs. And if you are looking for more bright and bold color combinations don’t forget to check out our blue-green color palettes!

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