9 Striking Blue And Gray Color Palettes

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Today we are going to be looking at some gorgeous blue and gray color palettes and equally beautiful blue-gray color combinations! These subtle, yet striking color combinations offer a unique twist on the traditional blue color scheme but can be just as memorable, impactful, and timeless!

In this article, we will take a look at some beautiful blue and gray color palettes including those that take advantage of the gorgeous blue-gray color!

Each color combination comes with a color code table containing each color’s hex code so that you can choose the exact colors you would like to use if you are choosing colors for your journal designs.

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Blue and Gray Color Palette Collection

Winter-Inspired Blue Gray Color Palette

Dark gray combines beautifully with blue-gray as well as other softer shades of grey. Add white for a bright accent!

Snow-inspired blue gray color palette

Misty Blue and Gray Palette

This calm and soothing color palette uses light and dark gray colors contrasted against teal-colored blues.

Ocean-themed blue and gray color palette

Neutral Gray And Blue Color Combinations

Both light gray and dark gray colors are used in this color palette creating a more neutral look and feel. However, the bright splash of blue makes the palette eye-catching and bold!

Gray color palette with blue accent

Brighter Blue Accents

This blue and gray color palette is very similar to the previous one however the colors are a bit darker and more dynamic!

Dark gray and blue color combination

Bold Gray and Blue Palette

If you are looking for a brighter and bolder blue-gray color palette then this one might suit you! It is a combination of a very dark blue combined with a more navy blue and baby blue.

The blue colors are contrasted with shades of dark and light gray to create beautiful accents. This color palette is a popular choice in corporate environments.

Dark blue, pastel blue and gray palette

A Little Less Bold…

This blue-gray color palette is very similar to the previous one except that it only uses one shade of blue as an accent color against a collection of gray colors.

Blue gray palette with bright blue accent color

More Blue Than Gray!

If you are looking for a blue-gray color palette that has more blue colors than grays then this one is for you! Using pastel blues with pastel blues contrasted against darker blues and a light gray color makes this soothing and cool blue color palette a great choice.

Calming blue gray color palette

Sky Blue And Gray Color Palette

The bright sky blues in this color palette are contrasted against softer pastel gray colors.

Sky blue and gray color combinations

Misty Blue Gray Color Palette

This sunset-inspired gray and blue palette has a cool, soothing feel to it and is a great choice if you want a relatively neutral palette that is still incredibly beautiful and appealing.

Dusk-inpired blue and gray color palette


Blue and gray color palettes seem to never go out of style! They have been popular color choice for decades and it’s easy to see why.

I hope that these color palettes and color combinations have helped to inspire you to create your own blue-gray color schemes. If you would like to see more color palettes like this, let me know in the comments section below!

And as always, don’t forget to check out our color palette library where you can see all the color palettes created so far!

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