9+ Beautiful Blue And Yellow Color Palettes

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Blue and yellow are both stunning colors that bring a sense of calm and vibrancy when used together in blue and yellow color palettes. Why is this?

When people think of blue they associate it with feelings of tranquillity and relaxation because it has a calming effect on the mind. When used in a color palette, blue tends to create a serene and soothing look and feel.

On the other hand, shades of yellow, are vibrant and people associate them with feelings of happiness and positivity. When you use yellow in your color palette it tends to create a bright and cheerful look and feel.

Blue And Yellow Color Palettes

I’ve put together a few blue and yellow color palettes with their respective hex codes that I hope will inspire you when it comes to choosing colors for your journal! So, whether you are looking for a calm and serene look and feel or a bright and cheerful one, hopefully, you can find a color combination here that you love!

Pastel Blue And Yellow Color Palette

Pastel blue and yellow create a soft, clean feel that is still vibrant and compelling, a great combination for gratitude journals! If you are looking for other color palette ideas using pastel blues, check out this article!

Pastel blue and pastel yellow color palette

Earthy Toned Blue And Yellow Palette

If you are looking for a color palette that contrasts sky blues against earthy brown and yellow tones then this combination might be a great option for you! And if you like this combination, check out our other blue and brown color schemes here!

Muted sky blue and yellow-brown color palette

Bright And Bold Sunflower Yellow And Sky Blue

No yellow and blue color palette would be complete without a sunflower-inspired color palette! Pair a bold navy blue and a vibrant sky blue with yellow and a bright orange shade to create the brightest and boldest blue and yellow color palette out there!

Sunflower yellow and bright blue color palette

Vibrant And Bright Contrasts

This blue-yellow color palette is just as bright and bold as the previous one with a vibrant, dynamic feel!

Bright and bold blue yellow color palette

Denim Blue Palette With Yellow Accents

If you are wanting a blue color palette with a little bit of pizazz then why not add some yellow to it for brightness and contrast?!

Denim blue, yellow and beige color palette

Autumn Inspiration Palette

If you are looking for a yellow and blue color combination that is less traditional and also has an earthy rustic feel then this beautiful blue and yellow palette might just be what you are looking for! You can find other blue and orange color palette ideas here!

Soft yellow and blue floral color palette

Van Gogh Inspired Color Palette

Leave it to a master like Van Gogh to create a masterful blue and yellow color palette! This painting is titled “Harvest in Provence”.

Van Gogh inspired blue and yellow color palette

Blue-Gray And Yellow Palette

Shades of dark navy blue and blue-gray combine with mustard yellows to create a more muted palette that still adds contrast and interest to a design.

Summer sky blue and yellow color combination

Yellow Color Palette With Blue Accents

If you are looking for a mostly yellow color palette with just a dash of blue then this one could be the one for you! Mustard-colored browns and yellows combine to create a more neutral base with a blue accent color for contrast.

Yellow color palette with blue accents

Teal Blues, Yellow, And Green Palette

This yellow, blue, and green color palette also moves away from the traditional blues and uses more teal-colored shades. When combined with greens, yellow, and a mustard orange, it creates a lovely vibrant color palette that is fresh and bright.

Teal colored blue with yellow and green color palette


Blue and yellow color palettes are both beautiful and uplifting! Whether you decide to use them for a bold and eye-catching design or in a more understated subtle design you are sure to make a statement!

If you would like to see more blue and yellow color combinations, let me know if the comments section below!

Also don’t forget to take a look at our color palette library for more ideas and color inspiration!

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