75+ Beautiful Shades Of Blue

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Blue is one of the world’s favorite colors, and it isn’t hard to see why. There are so many different shades of blue to choose from, ranging all the way from delicate blues such as baby blue and powder blue all the way to darker tones like navy blue and midnight blue.

With so many different shades of blue available, each with its own distinctive blue hex color code, the possibilities for creating unique and beautiful color combinations are virtually endless.

In this article, you will find a list of over 75 different shades of blue along with their blue hex codes and RGB values.

Let’s get started!


Shades of blue hex color chart including blue color names and blue color codes

Primary Blue Color Swatch

True blue or primary blue is the purest and most intense shade of blue.  Other shades of blue are created when you alter the amounts of red and green that are mixed with the blue

For example, if you add more green you will create a more teal-like blue shade while adding red, will create more of a purple-like shade of blue.

This is what True Blue looks like:

Primary Blue / True Blue
Blue Hex Code: #0000FF
Blue RGB Code: RGB(0,0,255)

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Most Popular Shades Of Blue

Before we jump in, let’s take a look at some of the most popular shades of blue that people use.

Blue Gray
Hex Code: #6699CC
RGB Value: RGB(102,153,204)

Pastel Blue
Hex Code: #AEC6CF
RGB Value: RGB(174,198,207)

Slate Blue
Hex Code: #6A5ACD
RGB Value: RGB(106,90,205)

Dusty Blue
Hex Code: #5A86AD
RGB Value:

Lavender Blue
Hex Code: #CCCCFF

RGB Value:

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Blue Color Code Hex Chart

By combining and altering different amounts of blue, green, and red, you can create a huge variety of different shades of blue.

Below is a color code chart of some of the most used blue colors along with their blue color names, blue hex codes, and blue RGB codes.

Blue Jay #2B547E rgb(43, 84, 126)
Azure Blue #4863A0 rgb(72, 99, 160)
Light Purple Blue #728FCE rgb(114, 143, 206)
Slate Blue Gray #737CA1 rgb(115, 124, 161)
Mist Blue #646D7E rgb(100, 109, 126)
Blue Gray #98AFC7 rgb(152, 175, 199)
Marble Blue #566D7E rgb(86, 109, 126)
Charcoal Blue #36454F rgb(54, 69, 79)
Dark Blue Grey #29465B rgb(41, 70, 91)
Dark Slate #2B3856 rgb(43, 56, 86)
Deep-Sea Blue #123456 rgb(18, 52, 86)
Night Blue #151B54 rgb(21, 27, 84)
Midnight Blue #191970 rgb(25, 25, 112)
Navy #000080 rgb(0, 0, 128)
Denim Dark Blue #151B8D rgb(21, 27, 141)
Dark Blue #00008B rgb(0, 0, 139)
New Midnight Blue #0000A0 rgb(0, 0, 160)
Earth Blue #0000A5 rgb(0, 0, 165)
Cobalt Blue #0020C2 rgb(0, 32, 194)
Medium Blue #0000CD rgb(0, 0, 205)
Canary Blue #2916F5 rgb(41, 22, 245)
Blue #0000FF rgb(0, 0, 255)
Samco Blue #0002FF rgb(0, 2, 255)
Bright Blue #0909FF rgb(9, 9, 255)
Blue Orchid #1F45FC rgb(31, 69, 252)
Ocean Blue #2B65EC rgb(43, 101, 236)
Blue Ribbon #306EFF rgb(48, 110, 255)
Blue Dress #157DEC rgb(21, 125, 236)
Neon Blue #1589FF rgb(21, 137, 255)
Dodger Blue #1E90FF rgb(30, 144, 255)
Blueberry Blue #0041C2 rgb(0, 65, 194)
Sapphire Blue #2554C7 rgb(37, 84, 199)
Balloon Blue #2B60DE rgb(43, 96, 222)
Royal Blue #4169E1 rgb(65, 105, 225)
Cornflower Blue #6495ED rgb(100,149,237)
Sky Blue Dress #6698FF rgb(102,152,255)
Iceberg #56A5EC rgb(86,165,236)
Butterfly Blue #38ACEC rgb(56,172,236)
Deep Sky Blue #00BFFF rgb(0,191,255)
Midday Blue #3BB9FF rgb(59,185,255)
Blue Eyes #1569C7 rgb(21, 105, 199)
Bright Navy Blue #1974D2 rgb(25, 116, 210)
Windows Blue #357EC7 rgb(53, 126, 199)
Silk Blue #488AC7 rgb(72, 138, 199)
Glacial Blue Ice #368BC1 rgb(54, 139, 193)
Blue Ivy #3090C7 rgb(48, 144, 199)
Steel Blue #4682B4 rgb(70, 130, 180)
Blue Koi #659EC7 rgb(101, 158, 199)
Columbia Blue #87AFC7 rgb(135, 175, 199)
Baby Blue #95B9C7 rgb(149,185,199)
Crystal Blue #5CB3FF rgb(92,179,255)
Denim Blue #79BAEC rgb(121,186,236)
Day Sky Blue #82CAFF rgb(130,202,255)
Light Day Blue #ADDFFF rgb(173, 223, 255)
Light Sky Blue #87CEEB rgb(135,206,235)
Sky Blue #87CEEB rgb(135, 206, 235)
Jeans Blue #A0CFEC rgb(160,207,236)
Blue Angel #B7CEEC rgb(183, 206, 236)
Pastel Blue #B4CFEC rgb(180, 207, 236)
Sea Blue #C2DFFF rgb(194, 223, 255)
Heavenly Blue #C6DEFF rgb(198, 222, 255)
Pastel Light Blue #D5D6EA rgb(213, 214, 234)
Lavender Blue #E3E4FA rgb(227, 228, 250)
White Blue #DBE9FA rgb(219, 233, 250)
Alice Blue #F0F8FF rgb(240, 248, 255)
Gulf Blue #C9DFEC rgb(201, 223, 236)
Light Steel Blue #B0CFDE rgb(176, 207, 222)
Light Blue #ADD8E6 rgb(173, 216, 230)
Coral Blue #AFDCEC rgb(175, 220, 236)
Powder Blue #B0E0E6 rgb(176, 224, 230)
Robin Egg Blue #BDEDFF rgb(189, 237, 255)
Electric Blue #9AFEFF rgb(154, 254, 255)
Tron Blue #7DFDFE rgb(125, 253, 254)
Blue Zircon #57FEFF rgb(87, 254, 255)
Blue Diamond #4EE2EC rgb(78, 226, 236)
Blue Lagoon #8EEBEC rgb(142, 235, 236)
Pale Turquoise #AFEEEE rgb(175, 238, 238)
Pale Blue Lily #CFECEC rgb(207, 236, 236)
Light Teal #B3D9D9 rgb(179, 217, 217)
Tiffany Blue #81D8D0 rgb(129, 216, 208)
Blue Hosta #77BFC7 rgb(119, 191, 199)
Cyan Opaque #92C7C7 rgb(146, 199, 199)
Northern Lights Blue #78C7C7 rgb(120, 199, 199)
Blue Green #7BCCB5 rgb(123, 204, 181)

Understanding Blue Hex Codes

When it comes to digital design, blue hex codes are used to create the perfect shade of blue. Each hex code is made up of 6 letters or numbers which are linked to how much of the colors red, green, and blue are within the color.  By changing the combinations, you change the color. 

The hex color code is laid out in the following  format:


Primary Blue Hex Code

Blue is one of the three primary colors and true blue or primary blue contains no red or green. Likewise, yellow (a combination of red and green) contains no blue!

The primary blue hex color code is #0000FF.

This code is broken up into 3 sections – The first two digits are for red color values, the second two are for green color values and the third two are for blue color values.

In the case of primary blue, there are no values for red and green.

However, if for example, you wanted to create red, you would remove the blue values and instead use red’s hex code which is #FF0000. Likewise, if you wanted pure green, you could use the #00FF00 green hex color code.

By combining blue and red, you create purple!

Primary Blue RGB Code

Just like blue’s hex color code, RGB color codes are also broken down into 3 sections, each represented by a number between 0 and 255. Zero represents no color while 255 represents the full color.

Primary blue RGB color code is RGB(0,0,255)

Like before, we have zero values for red and green. Again, if you wanted to create red, you would use an RGB color code of RGB(255,0,0) and green would be RGB(0,255,0).

Why Is Blue So Popular?

When it comes to color psychology and how colors influence people’s emotions, it is well-known that the color blue is associated with peace, serenity, stability, reliability, loyalty, and intelligence.

Because of this, blue is a very popular color choice for everything from home decor to logos. In fact, blue is one of the most commonly used colors in branding and marketing because it is known to evoke feelings of trust and dependability.

Fun fact!  There are over 16 million hex color codes to choose from so you really are spoiled for choice when it comes to color codes! Oh, and all these colors are visible on just about all modern monitors, TVs, and mobile devices.

Learn More About The Color Blue!

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Blue is an incredibly versatile color that has many different shades, each having its own unique hex and RGB code. I hope this article has inspired you to explore the wonderful world of blue colors and also discover some of your own favorite shades of blue to use. Whether you are starting a journal or creating a design, you simply can’t go wrong with blue!

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