50+ Gorgeous Green Hex Codes For An Inspiring Website And Brand

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When building your website or choosing a color palette for your small business and brand, it is incredibly important to choose a color palette and hex color codes that match your brand’s personality.  If you are wanting to convey a sense of health, freshness, and well-being then green might just be your color! 

In color psychology, green is associated with nature, growth, renewal, and vitality so it really is an excellent choice if your brand is geared towards organic, eco-friendly, and wellness products or services.  Knowing which green color codes to use when you work on your brand color palette will help you create a consistent look and feel for your business.

In this article, we will look at the many different green colors that are available for you to use. I will include the green color name, the green hex code, and green RGB codes for each color so that you have a good starting point. 


Shades Of Green Names,  Green Hex Codes And Green RGB Values

Understanding Green Color Codes

When it comes to using color in design, there are two commonly used types of green color codes that are used – hex color codes and RGB color codes.

Each color code is used to represent how much red, green, and blue is within each color. 

Green Hex Codes

Green is one of the three secondary colors along with orange and violet. Pure green is quite a dynamic and in-your-face color!  It really is the brightest of the brightest greens!

The green hex code is #00FF00.

Likewise, if you were using RGB color codes, you would do the same.

The green RGB code is RGB(0, 255, 0)

Most software applications allow you to easily add your hex color codes to them. Others, like Photoshop, also allow you to use RGB color codes.

Pure Green Color Swatch

Wanting to see just how bright and dynamic pure green is?  Well, here you go!

Pure Green
Green Hex Code: #00FF00
Green RGB Code: (0,255,0)

If you are looking for a more traditional green color, then you could use this more natural shade of green:

Traditional Green
Traditional Green Hex Code: #008000
Traditional Green RGB Code: (0,128,0)

From the green RGB code above you can see that the intensity of the green color is halved for this more natural green color.

Green Hex Code Chart – For The Perfect Shades Of Green

I’ve put together a list of some of the most popular green colors to inspire and help you find the best green colors for your website and branding.  The table contains each green color name, its green hex code as well as the green RGB code – I must say that I really love the green color names! Just take a look at how beautiful the colors are and how each color is named and let me know if you agree!

Green Color Name Green Hex Code Green RGB Code
Dark Jungle green #1A2421 rgb(26, 36, 33)
Medium Jungle green #1C352D rgb(28, 53, 45)
Sacramento green #043927 rgb(4, 57, 39)
Forest green #0B6623 rgb(11, 102, 35)
Hunter green #3F704D rgb(63, 112, 77)
Camouflage Green #78866B rgb(120, 134, 107)
Feldgrau #4D5D53 rgb(77, 93, 83)
Army green #4B5320 rgb(75, 83, 32)
Dark Moss Green #4A5D23 rgb(74, 93, 35)
Olive #708238 rgb(112, 130, 56)
Avocado #568203 rgb(86, 130, 3)
Asparagus #87A96B rgb(135, 169, 107)
Dollar Bill #85BB65 rgb(133, 187, 101)
Sage green #9DC183 rgb(157, 193, 131)
Dark Artichoke Green #4B6F44 rgb(75, 111, 68)
Fern green #4F7942 rgb(79, 121, 66)
Verdun #487800 rgb(72, 120, 0)
Russian green #679267 rgb(103, 146, 103)
Viridian #609078 rgb(96, 144, 120)
Reseda Green #6C7C59 rgb(108, 124, 89)
Artichoke green #8F9779 rgb(143, 151, 121)
Laurel green #A9BA9D rgb(169, 186, 157)
Swamp #A8C090 rgb(168, 192, 144)
Gin #D8E4BC rgb(216, 228, 188)
Chetwode #F0FFF0 rgb(240, 255, 240)
Granny Smith Apple #A8E4A0 rgb(168, 228, 160)
Mantis #74C365 rgb(116, 195, 101)
Chateau #48A860 rgb(72, 168, 96)
Inchworm #B2EC5D rgb(178, 236, 93)
Kelly green #4CBB17 rgb(76, 187, 23)
India green #138808 rgb(19, 136, 8)
Napier Green #2A8000 rgb(42, 128, 0)
Pakistan green #006600 rgb(0, 102, 0)
Deep Jungle green #004B49 rgb(0, 75, 73)
Castleton Green #00563B rgb(0, 86, 59)
Cadmium Green #006B3C rgb(0, 107, 60)
Bottle Green #006A4E rgb(0, 106, 78)
Amazon #3B7A57 rgb(59, 122, 87)
Sea green #2E8B57 rgb(46, 139, 87)
Tropical Rainforest #00755E rgb(0, 117, 94)
Pine green #01796F rgb(1, 121, 111)
Myrtle green #317873 rgb(49, 120, 115)
Persian green #00A693 rgb(0, 166, 147)
Jungle green #29AB87 rgb(41, 171, 135)
Shamrock Green #009E60 rgb(0, 158, 96)
Jade green #00A86B rgb(0, 168, 107)
Paris green #50C878 rgb(80, 200, 120)
Emerald green #50C878 rgb(80, 200, 120)
Celadon #ACE1AF rgb(172, 225, 175)
Mint green #98FB98 rgb(152, 251, 152)
Harlequin #3FFF00 rgb(63, 255, 0)
Neon green #39FF14 rgb(57, 255, 20)
Spring #00F0A8 rgb(0, 240, 168)
Bright Mint #4FFFB0 rgb(79, 255, 176)
Pear #D1E231 rgb(209, 226, 49)
Lime green #32CD32 rgb(199, 234, 70)
Green-Yellow #ADFF2F rgb(173, 255, 47)
Bitter Lime #BFFF00 rgb(191, 255, 0)

Companies That Use Green In Their Logos And Branding

There are many companies that use green in their logos and marketing to create a sense of nature, growth, sustainability, health, and well-being. Many of these companies have specifically used green to show their commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainability.

For example, Whole Foods Market is a grocery store chain that specializes in natural and organic products. It uses green to convey its commitment to healthy living and sustainable agriculture. Whole Foods Market has also introduced some awesome initiatives such as packaging that can be composted as well as sourcing products from local and organic farmers.

Here are a few more companies that successfully use green in their logos and branding.

Companies that use green in their logos
Heineken, Whole Foods Market, Spotify, John Deere, Starbucks, BP, Sony Ericsson, TicTac, Tropicana, Sprite, Jeep, XBox, LandRover

Learn Even More About Green!

If you are keen to learn more about the color green then check out the following resources:


Using green in your logo, website, or branding can help you appeal to customers and consumers who are concerned about environmental responsibility, sustainability, and healthy living and are specifically looking for products and services that align with these values.

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