50 Cool Google Fonts For Kids, Teachers And Child-Friendly Brands

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Are you a teacher or small business owner that wants to capture the attention of kids? Then you have come to the right place! When it comes to capturing the attention of active young minds, every detail matters, and using the right kid-friendly fonts is a great way to add some charm and magic to otherwise boring text.

In this article, we are going to take a look at some of the best Google fonts for teachers and anyone else looking to capture the imagination of children. Each of these fonts is freely available in the Google Fonts Library, so whether you are a teacher wanting to enhance your educational material, a children’s book author, or a business that caters to children, you are sure to find a font that will inspire you! And remember, that it is easy to use any of these fonts in Google Docs if you would like to!

If you are new to Google Fonts, then check out our detailed Google Fonts FAQs!

Why Should You Use Kid-Friendly Fonts?

Imagine a kindergarten classroom poster or a children’s book filled with dull, monotonous letters. It simply wouldn’t be as exciting or interesting as one with a well-chosen font that children love! Kid-friendly fonts have the power to spark curiosity and ignite the imagination which in turn can create an immersive learning environment and a memorable and lasting experience for children.

What Types Of Fonts Attract Kids

When it comes to fonts that attract kids, there are a few characteristics that you should look out for. Here are a few things to help you choose fonts that attract kids and appeal to their playful and imaginative nature:

  • Bold and Chunky Fonts – Fonts that have thick and chunky letters are easy to read and catch kids’ attention. They are perfect for teachers or brands that target young children who are still learning their ABCs.
  • Handwritten Fonts – These fonts resemble handwriting and they add a personal touch to any text. They also have a casual look and feel that is very appealing.
  • Quirky and Fun Fonts – Fonts that embrace a unique and interesting look are always a great choice. Irregular shapes and letter sizes can create a sense of whimsy and fun. Some of these fonts have a hand-drawn or doodle-like quality that kids love!
  • Cartoon and Comic Fonts – Fonts that are inspired by cartoons or comic books are always a firm favorite bringing a lively feel to any design.
  • Colorful Fonts – Take fonts to the next level by using them in vibrant colors!
  • Decorative fonts – add an extra level of visual interest by using decorative fonts that catch kids’ attention. These fonts can create a sense of excitement especially when used sparingly for headings and titles.
  • Curved and Rounded Fonts – Fonts with flowing and rounded edges have a friendly appearance that makes them attractive to kids.

Of course, when choosing kid-friendly fonts, you will need to consider the age group and context the fonts will be used in. Experiment with different font styles and font combinations to find the perfect balance between visually exciting and easy-to-read designs.

The Best Google Fonts For Teachers And Kids

And without further ado, onto our list of our favorite Google Fonts for teachers and anyone else looking for a fun and playful design aesthetic.

Black Ops One

Black Ops One is a bold and attention-grabbing font with a military-inspired look and feel. It is a stencil font that is perfect for posters, book covers, or even game titles.

Black Ops One Google Font for Teachers

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Atomic Age

Atomic Age is a popular font that captures the fun of space exploration! It has a futuristic feel to it that can add interest to otherwise boring text.

Atomic Age Google font for kids

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Love Ya Like a Sister

Love Ya Like a Sister is a quirky and fun font that has a friendly feel to it. Its playful style is a great option for creating greeting cards, crafts, children’s books, and educational materials.

Love Ya Like A Sister kid-friendly Google Font

Cabin Sketch

Cabin Sketch is a gorgeous rustic sketch Google font that is fun and quirky. It is a great choice for children’s brands that have nature-themed products.

Cabin Sketch Google Font for Teachers

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Freckle Face

Freckle face is a childlike font that captures the feeling of childhood innocence. Its irregular letter shape adds interest to any design!

Feckle Face Google font for kids


Flavors is a cute teacher’s font that is fun and playful. It could be used in kids’ menus, recipe books, or even designs that involve cooking or nutrition for kids.

Flavors kids Google Font

Jolly Lodger

Jolly Lodger is an interesting font that you will sometimes see being used as a Halloween font. It is a great option for logos, signage, or headlines for kid-friendly brands.

Jolly Lodger Google Font for Teachers

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Barriecito is an interesting font that is unique and playful. Its uneven letters have a childlike feel to them and is a great option for school worksheets or projects.

Barriecito kid-friendly Google Font


Shzuru is a playful font with a unique twist. Its hollow letters make it a great font for teachers because it allows kids to color in the letters.

Shizuru Google Font for Teachers

Lorinda Shadow

Just like Shizuru, Lorinda Shadow is another hollow outline font that adds an extra dimension of fun to worksheets. It is bulkier and more bold so it is a great preschool font for kids to color.

Lorinda shadow Google font for kids

Lorinda Outline

Lorinda Outline is another member of the Lorinda family of fonts. This time however it doesn’t have a shadow effect.

Lorinda Google Font for Teachers

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Faster One

Faster One is a bold children’s font that is eye-catching and dynamic. Its a great choice for sports-themed worksheets or children’s books.

Faster one Google font for children


Looking for a cowboy-inspired font? Then look no further than Smokum! This bold font has a very distinctive Wild West feel to it and is perfect for any Western-themed designs aimed towards kids.

Smokum kid-friendly cowboy Google Font


Rye is another Western-themed Google font that reminds me of old West saloons!

Rye kids cowboy Google Font

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Biorhyme has a scientific feel to it and it is a great school font to consider if you are creating worksheets or resources for biology or science.

BioRhyme Expanded scientific Google font


Peralta is a cute teacher’s font that has a handwritten feel to it and it works well for children’s book titles or even comic book speech bubbles.

Peralta Teachers Google font


Rancho is a fun font that also has an old-west feel to it. It looks quite similar to the font that was used for the movie Rango!

Rancho kids cowboy font


Sunshiney is a cheerful kids’ font that is quirky and cute with a playful twist to it.

Sunshiney Google Font for Teachers


Miltonian is another outline font that kids love! Its irregular shapes and hand-drawn style are a great option for headlines, posters, and interactive educational material.

Miltonian teachers Google Font


Ribey is quite similar to Miltonian and as an added bonus it also has an outlined version of the font called Ribeye Marrow.

Ribeye kid-friendly Google Font


Schoolbell is probably one of the most well-known fonts for teachers! Its name makes it a no-brainer for any educational materials. It is a font that was inspired by elementary school handwriting and it is a great choice for educational materials, posters, and even school websites.

Schoolbell Google Font for Teachers

Mouse Memoirs

Mouse Memoirs is a great preschool font because it is bold and easy to read while still being playful and cute.

Mouse Memoirs teacher font

Puppies Play

Puppies Play is a very cute teacher’s font that has a joyful and carefree feel to it. Although probably not the best preschool font, it can be used to great effect in the right design.

Puppies play Google font for kids

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Bon Bon

Bon Bon is a usual Google children’s font that adds a touch of whimsy to kids’ materials with its swirly letters and decorative little flowers and hearts.

Bon Bon teachers Google Font

Ruge Boogie

Ruge Boogie is a lively and expressive kids’ font that is playful and dynamic and is a great choice for any artwork that is geared toward kids.

Ruge Boogie kid-friendly Google Font

Butterfly Kids

Butterfly Kids is another whimsical and quirky font that is delicate and cute. It is a great font option for any children’s products and services related to nature, gardens, or imagination.

Butterfly Kids Google font for Teachers and schools

Crafty Girls

As the name suggests, Crafty Girls is a craft-inspired font that embodies the DIY spirit. It has a hand-drawn feel to it that is a great choice for labels, arts and crafts, scrapbooking, or even homemade product packaging.

Crafty Girls Teachers Font

Moo Lah Lah

Moo Lah Lah is probably one of the more unique Google fonts for kids! It is really fun and has a farm-yard feel to it that is perfect for any educational material where kids are learning about the farm and farm animals.

Moo Lah Lah farmyard Google Font for Teachers

Fontdiner Swanky

Fontdiner Swanky is a retro-inspired font that has a vintage charm to it that can be used for headlines, logos, or even signage.

Fontdiner Swanky kid-friendly Google Font

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Mountains of Christmas

Mountains of Christmas is a wonderful Christmas font that teachers can use during the holidays to create Christmas-themed worksheets, books, or events for kids.

Mountains of Christmas Google font for kids

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Frijole is an interesting Google font that has a unique look and feel. It is a great kids’ font to use for bold headlines.

Frijole Google font for teachers

Finger Paint

Finger Paint is a cute teacher’s font that is lively and captures the essence and organic feel of children’s finger painting. If you like this font style, then maybe check out our collection of Google graffiti fonts for more ideas!

Finger paint google font for teachers

Emiliys Candy

Emiliys Candy is a very cute teacher’s font that is decorative and perfect for headlines and worksheets. It is a great option for birthday parties and can be used in the branding of candy stores or any small business that makes sweet treats for children.

Emiliys Candy kid-friendly Google Font

Rubik Moonrocks

Rubik Moonrocks is a font that could be used in space-themed projects. It is a great option for logos, children’s science fiction books, space-themed educational material, or events.

Rubik Moonrocks Google Font for Teachers


Kablammo is a bold font that is very eye-catching and unusual! It is a great option for dynamic designs that are fun and playful.

Kablammo Google font for kids

Henny Penny

Henny Penny is a very cute Google kids font that captures the essence of nursery rhymes and fairy tales.

Henny Penny Google Font for kids

Spicy Rice

Spicy Rice is a bold Google font that can be used in kids’ designs to create attention-grabbing headlines.

Spicy Rice Google Font Example

Pirata One

Looking for a kid-friendly font for pirate-themed materials or events? Then Pirata One has got you covered!

Pirata One Pirate Google font for kids

Jim Nightshade

Jim Nightshade is a dynamic font that is sometimes used in Halloween-themed designs. It can however also be used in historical materials where kids are learning about the medieval period.

Jim Nightshade kid-friendly Google Font

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Monoton is an unusual font that is impactful and bold. It might not be the best font to use for young children but could work well with older kids.

Monoton Google font for kids

Mystery Quest

Mystery Quest is a decorative font that is interesting and imaginative. Its swirly letters certainly can’t be ignored!

Mystery Quest Google Font Example

Press Start 2P

Press Start 2P has a retro feel to it and was inspired by classic video games. It is a great choice for teachers who would like to create computer-themed educational materials or events.

Press Start 2P computer Google Font for Teachers

Cherry Bomb One

Cherry Bomb One is a bold kids font that is easy to read so it is a great choice for headlines and posters.

Cherry bomb kid-friendly Google Font

Cherry Cream Soda

Cherry Cream Soda reminds me a lot of the fonts that were used in a retro roadhouse or diner signage. It is a great choice for children’s brands that specialize in ice cream or candy!

Cherry Cream Soda Google Font for Teachers

Purple Purse

Purple Purse is another bold font that works well for headlines and posters. I could see it being used in fairy tale or imaginative children’s play products.

Purple Purse Google font for kids


Chicle is a retro-styled font that has irregular letters and shapes. It is a fun font choice for play centers, entertainment venues, or kids’ parties.

Chicle teachers Google font


Ranchers is a great kids’ Google font choice for cowboy-themed books, events, or educational materials.

Ranchers kids Google Font


Playball is a sports-inspired font that has a vintage feel to it. It can be used for sports-themed products, events, or even logos.

Playball free Google Font

Luckiest Guy

Luckiest Guy is another bold and quirky Google font for kids that has a playful style that can be used for headings, branding, events, parties, and fun educational materials.

Luckiest Guy kid-friendly Google Font

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Holtwood One

I can’t decide whether Holtwood has a Hollywood feel to it or more of a Western feel. Either way, it is a bold font choice for events or materials where you need to capture kids’ attention.

Holtwood One Google Font for Teachers


If you have been looking for the very best Google fonts for kids, teachers or kid-friendly businesses then I hope that this article has helped you with ideas. I would love to know if there are any other Google fonts that you have used for kids’ materials and resources. Let me know in the comments section below!

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