35 Old English, Medieval, Blackletter & Gothic Google Fonts

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Old English, Blackletter, and Gothic fonts have a long-standing legacy that captures the essence of medieval manuscripts, calligraphy, and architectural engravings. By using these old-style fonts when you design planners or when you create spreads for your journals or designs, you can infuse your work with an aura of historical grandeur and mystery!

What Are Old English, Blackletter, And Gothic Fonts?

Old English Fonts, along with Blackletter fonts and Gothic fonts draw their inspiration from medieval Europe and the fonts that were used in medieval documents, books, and religious texts. They can range in style from calligraphic script fonts that feature intricate and delicate swirls to fonts with dense and angular letters that are dark and imposing.

Using these old-style medieval fonts adds a sense of grandeur, tradition, authority, solemnity, and classic sophistication to designs that capture a feeling of historical authenticity. You would be forgiven for thinking about knights, castles, and ancient manuscripts being read by flickering candlelight when seeing these old-fashioned fonts!

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How To Download These Gothic And Old English Google Fonts

Each of the fonts featured in this article can be downloaded from the Google Fonts library. Simply click on the link, search for the font by its name, and download!

Old English, Blackletter & Gothic Google Font Ideas

Let’s jump right in and take a look at some of the awesome old-fashioned fonts you can find in the Google Fonts library! Bear in mind that you can also use these fonts on Google Docs if you would like to!


Blackletter, Old English, and Gothic Google Font Ideas Pin


UnifrakturCook is a captivating Old English Blackletter Google font that adds a touch of medieval charm to your designs. With its ornate letterforms and intricate details, it embodies the essence of old-fashioned typography and transports us to a bygone era of knights and castles.

UnifrakturCook Gothic Google Font Example

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UnifrakturMatuntia is another Old English Google font that captures the look and feel of ancient manuscripts. Its calligraphic strokes and vintage appeal make it a perfect choice for projects seeking an old-fashioned, black letter font with a touch of elegance.

UnifrakturMatuntia Medieval Google Font Example

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Grenze is a captivating Gothic Google font that captures the essence of medieval aesthetics. Its unique letterforms add an air of elegance and sophistication to your designs, making it ideal for projects requiring an old-fashioned, Gothic-inspired font.

Grenze Google Font Example

Genze Gotisch

Genze Gotisch is a striking Gothic Google font that takes inspiration from medieval architecture and Gothic aesthetics. Its tall, angular letterforms and dramatic appearance make it ideal for projects requiring an old-looking, blackletter font with a touch of Gothic calligraphy.

Genze Gotisch Gothic Google Font Example

Medieval Sharp

Transport your designs to medieval times with Medieval Sharp, a blackletter Google font that blends Old English influences with a sharp, modern twist. This versatile font combines traditional elements with a contemporary edge, making it perfect for both vintage and modern applications.

MedievalSharp Google Font Example

Asloch Gothic

Asloch Gothic is a captivating Google font that embodies the essence of Gothic calligraphy. Its graceful curves and intricate details evoke a sense of mystery and elegance, making it a perfect choice for projects seeking a touch of Gothic charm.

Astloch Gothic Google Font Example


Bokor is an enchanting Google font that embraces the spirit of old-fashioned typography. With its unique letter shapes and vintage appeal, this font captures the essence of Blackletter fonts and adds a touch of elegance to your designs.

Bokor Old English Google Font Example

Nova Cut

Nova Cut is a free Blackletter Google font that pays homage to the rich history of Blackletter typefaces. Its bold and angular letterforms exude a sense of strength and authority, making it a great choice for projects requiring a powerful and impactful font.

Nova Cut Blackletter Google Font Example

Trade Winds

Trade Winds is a versatile Google font that draws inspiration from vintage typography. Its elegant letterforms and old-fashioned charm make it a perfect choice for projects seeking a touch of nostalgia and classic appeal.

Trade Wind Gothic Google Font Example

Pirata One

Arr, matey! If you’re looking for a whimsical and adventurous font, Pirata One is the treasure you seek. This Old English-inspired Google font exudes the spirit of swashbuckling tales and hidden treasures, adding a playful touch to your designs.

Pirata One Google Font Example


Textura is a classic Blackletter Google font that takes us back to medieval times. With its dense, angular letterforms and distinctive blackletter style, it evokes the traditions of ancient manuscripts and adds a touch of historical authenticity to your designs.

Texturina Google Font Example

IM Fell

IM Fell is a collection of Google fonts that revives the spirit of old-fashioned typography. With various options inspired by different historical periods, including Old English, Blackletter, and more, these fonts provide a wide range of choices for projects seeking a touch of vintage elegance.

IM Fell Old English Font Example

Jim Nightshade

Jim Nightshade is a whimsical Google font with a Gothic touch. Its striking letterforms and mystical appeal make it perfect for projects where a dash of Gothic charm is desired.

Jim Nightshade Google Font Example

Eagle Lake

Eagle Lake is a free Blackletter Google font that combines elegance with a vintage vibe. Its distinctive letterforms and old-fashioned aesthetics add a touch of sophistication to your designs.

Eagle Lake Google Font Example

New Rocker

New Rocker is a bold and edgy Google font that channels the rebellious spirit of Gothic calligraphy. Its sharp letterforms and unique style make it ideal for projects seeking a different take on Gothic fonts.

New Rocker Gothic Googel Font Example

Uncial Antiqua

Uncial Antiqua is a blackletter Google font that embraces the historic Uncial style of calligraphy. Its rounded letterforms and ancient appeal capture the essence of Old English fonts and add a touch of elegance to your designs.

Uncial Antiqua Google Font Example


Metomorphous is a captivating Gothic Google font that stands out with its intricate and mesmerizing letterforms. Its unique style and versatility make it a great choice for projects seeking a distinct Gothic look.

Metamorphous Google Font Example

Germania One

Germania One is a bold and powerful Google font that pays tribute to Germanic calligraphy. Its strong letterforms and historical significance make it an excellent choice for projects requiring a German calligraphy font.

Germania One Google Font Example


Rakkas is a unique and expressive Google font inspired by Arabic calligraphy. While not directly related to Old English or Blackletter fonts, its intricate curves and artistic flair add a distinct touch to your designs.

Rakkas Google Font Example

Almendra, Almendra Display, Almendra SC

The Almendra font family offers versatile options for adding an old-fashioned touch to your designs. With Almendra’s gentle curves, Almendra Display’s decorative elegance, and Almendra SC’s uppercase variation, you can explore different aspects of Old English and vintage aesthetics.

Almendra Google Font Example
Almendra Display Font Example
Almendra SC Font Example

Cinzel Decorative

Cinzel Decorative is a Google font that combines classic elegance with decorative elements. Inspired by the timeless appeal of Roman inscriptions, it adds a touch of grandeur and old-world beauty to your text and designs.

Cinzel Decorative Google Font Example

Cormorant Unicase

Cormorant Unicase is a versatile Google font that blends elements of classic and modern typography. With its uppercase letterforms inspired by traditional calligraphy, it adds a touch of vintage elegance and a unique twist to your designs.

Cormorant Unicase Google Font Example

Inknut Antiqua

Inknut Antiqua is a Google font that combines historic charm with a contemporary feel. Its elegant letterforms, inspired by old-style serif typefaces, make it suitable for projects seeking an old-looking font with a touch of sophistication.

Inknut Antiqua Google Font Example

Calligraphic Old English & Gothic Fonts

Calligraphic and scripting fonts work really well if you are trying to capture the essence of old-world typography. Below are a few examples to get you started.

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Beth Ellen

Beth Ellen is an interesting Google font that captures an old-fashioned aesthetic. Its uneven letters and almost messy look make me think about old manuscripts and letters written in ink.

Beth Ellen Google Font Example


Windsong is a romantic and flowing Google font that evokes a sense of old-timey elegance. Its delicate curves and calligraphic style make it a perfect choice for projects seeking a touch of vintage charm and sophistication.

Windsong Google Font Example

Mea Culpa

Mea Culpa is a decorative Google font that combines elements of Gothic calligraphy with a modern twist. Its ornate letterforms and unique design add a touch of drama and elegance to your designs.

Mea Culpa Google Font Example

My Soul

My Soul is a script-like Google font that exudes an old-fashioned charm. With its smooth and graceful letterforms, it brings a sense of warmth and personality to your designs, reminiscent of handwritten letters from yesteryears.

My Soul Google Font Example


Ruthie is another script-type Google font that captures the essence of whimsical calligraphy. Its elegant curves and handwritten style give it an old-fashioned appeal, making it perfect for projects seeking a touch of nostalgic charm.

Ruthie Google Font example

Lovers Quarrel

Lovers Quarrel is quite similar to Ruthie with its lavish letters and sense of passion and drama. With its expressive letterforms and elaborate details, it adds an old-fashioned flair to your designs, reminiscent of romantic handwritten letters.

Lovers Quarrel Google Font Example


Meddon is a bold and distinctive Google font that embraces an old-fashioned style. Its strong letterforms and calligraphic touches capture the spirit of traditional typography, making it ideal for projects seeking a touch of vintage appeal.

Meddon Google Font Example

Monsieur La Doulaise

Monsieur La Doulaise is an elegant and refined Google font with a touch of old-world charm. Its intricate details and sophisticated letterforms transport us to a bygone era, evoking the feeling of timeless beauty and craftsmanship.

Monsieur La Doulaise Google Font Example

Seaweed Script

Seaweed Script is a unique and artistic Google font that emulates handwritten calligraphy. Its organic and flowing letterforms bring an old-fashioned charm and a sense of creativity to your designs.

Seaweek Script Google Font Example


Fasthand is a playful and energetic Google font that captures the essence of dynamic handwritten script. Its quick strokes add a sense of movement and personality, giving your designs an old-fashioned yet vibrant touch.

Fasthand Google Font Example


And, last but not least, Ballet is a delicate and graceful Google font that emulates the elegance of calligraphic scripts. With its flowing lines and romantic charm, it brings an old-fashioned and sophisticated aesthetic to your typography.

Ballet Calligraphy Google Font


Blackletter, Old English, and Gothic Google fonts allow designers to infuse their websites and designs with a sense of historical authenticity, vintage charm, and old-fashioned aesthetics. These old-style fonts are impactful and eye-catching and are a great choice for any project where you want to capture a sense of old-world charm. And if you are looking for more font ideas, then check out our other articles about fonts right here!

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