17 Best Western Font Ideas For Old West Charm

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Are you wanting to add a touch of the Wild West to your designs? Then you have come to the right place!

In this article, you will find a selection of curated Western Google Fonts to help you create Western-themed designs with rustic cowboy aesthetics or an old-west ambiance!

If you are new to Google Fonts, then don’t forget to check out our Google Fonts FAQs!

The Best Wild West Google Fonts Ideas

Saddle up! Let’s jump into what you came here for! These are a few of the best free Western Fonts that are available in the Google Fonts library. And don’t forget that you can use these fonts in your Google Docs as well if you would like to!


Smokum is bold and brimming over with strength and ruggedness.

Smokum Western Google Font Example


Rye is a rustic font that reminds me of old saloons. It also makes a great Christmas font!

Rye Font Example


Sancreek is another old-style western Google font that is quite similar to Rye with the exception of its solid dark letters.

Sancreek Font Example


Diplomata is a bold Western font that commands attention!

Diplomata Font Example


Ewert is a stylized Western font that captures the spirit of the Wild West!

Ewert Font Example


Arizonia is elegant and flowing and it has a sense of romance and grace that brings a softer touch to any Western theme.

Arizonia Old West Font Example

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Arbutus has geometric letters that give it a very distinctive look.

Arbutus Vintage Western Google Font Example


Rancho is a rustic font and it looks quite similar to the font used in the animated Johnny Depp classic, Rango!

Rancho Old West Google Font Example

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Vast Shadow

Vast Shadow has a three-dimensional feel with a shadowed appearance and bold letters.

Vast Shadow Font Example

Maiden Orange

Maiden Orange is less stylized than some of the fonts on this list but it is still a great option, especially for smaller text.

Maiden Orange Google Font Example


Wellfleet is quite similar to Maiden Orange but it has letters that are more spaced out with an open feel to them.

Wellfleet Font Example

BioRhyme And BioRhyme Expanded

BioRhyme and BioRhyme Expanded have unique styling that makes them a great option for Old West designs. They also work well as Futuristic Fonts!

BioRhyme Font Example
BioRhyme Expanded Google Font Example


Peralta is more of playful and bold font that can be used in Western designs.

Peralta Font Example

Epta Slab

Epta Slab is works well in paragraph text and is quite easy to read compared to some of the other fonts on our list.

Hepta Slab Western Font Example


Trochut is stylish it has an out-of-the-ordinary feel to it.

Trochut Google Font Example

Averia Libre

Last but not least we have Averia Libre which is another less stylized Google font that is pretty versatile with more of a plain feel.

Averia Libre Google Font Example


I hope that you have found this collection of Western Google fonts helpful! If you know of any others that we could add to the collection then just let us know in the comments section below.

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