25 Graffiti Font Ideas For Edgy Street Art Themes

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If you’ve ever been captivated by the gorgeous street art and graffiti adorning urban walls then today’s article is for you! Graffiti fonts are the perfect choice for any design or business brand that wants to create a sense of edginess, power, personality, and raw urban style for their products or services. And once again Google Fonts comes to the rescue with the coolest free graffiti fonts around!

For this post, I have gone through the Google Fonts Library and hand-picked some of the best Google graffiti fonts I could find. Each font has been designed by top-notch designers and each font is free to use. So, whether you are building a website, designing cool promotional material, or simply using the fonts in Google Docs, we’ve got you covered.

Let’s jump right in!

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What Are Graffiti Fonts?

Graffiti fonts are a unique style of typography that was inspired by the bold and expressive urban artwork found on city walls. These fonts capture the energy, rebelliousness, and artistic flair of graffiti street art and have a raw and organic feel to them.

Grafitti fonts are incredibly bold and exaggerated and are often decorated with drips, splatters, and other graffiti-inspired decorations. They are designed to copy the spontaneous nature of graffiti writing, infusing designs or text with an edgy urban aesthetic.

The Best Google Graffiti Font Ideas

And now, let’s jump in and take a look at the best Google Fonts that you could use in your graffiti-inspired designs!


Nosifer is a cool graffiti font that mimics the look of dripping paint so it works well in urban designs where you want to create the feeling of spontaneous urban art. You will sometimes see the Nosifer Google Font being used in Halloween designs where designers are trying to create a creepy or scary aesthetic.

Nosifer Google Font Example

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Rock Salt

Rock Salt is a graffiti-style Google font that resembles spontaneous writing that you might see on a weathered urban wall. It has an organic and rustic feel to it that has a unique character.

Rock Salt Google Font Example

Permanent Marker

The Permanent Marker Google graffiti font replicates the look of the bold strokes of a permanent marker. It has a strong and confident presence that can be used to create a graffiti look and feel.

Permanent Marker Google Font Example


Calligraffiti combines the elegance of traditional calligraphy with the urban style of graffiti. It has flowing strokes with a sophisticated edginess.

Calligraffiti Google Font Example

Rubik Dirt

Rubik Dirt captures the look of rugged and weathered lettering that has a distressed look and feel. It gives text a gritty feel that can evoke a sense of urban decay.

Rubik Dirt Google Font Example


Chokokutai is a graffiti-style font that draws its inspiration from Asian calligraphy, blending traditional typography with an urban twist. It has bold and angular letters that have an intriguing look to them. A great option for logos and headings!

Chokokutai Google Font Example


Ruslan is a cool graffiti font that has a unique look that can be used to convey a feeling of urban culture and style.

Ruslan Google Font Example

Emblema One

Emblema One is a stencil font that can be used in graffiti-inspired designs to create distinct and unique urban designs.

Emblema One Google Font Example

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Plaster is another Google font that has a stencil appearance so it could work well in designs that need a more “formal” graffiti feel.

 Plaster Google Font Example


Just like “Plaster”, Wallpoet is another graffiti stencil font that captures the spirit of urban stencil graffiti.

Wallpoet Google Font Example

Gajraj One

Gajraj One is a unique Google font that really stands out with thick, bold lines and letter shapes.

Gajraj One Google Font Example

Rubik Distressed

Rubik Distressed is a cool graffiti-style font that has a worn-out or distressed look. It has a rugged, textured appearance that has a grunge feel to it.

Rubik Distressed Google Font Example


Knewave is a Google graffiti font that is bold and distinctive. It has an organic hand-drawn feel to it that can be used in urban design to create a contemporary look.

Knewave Google Font Example

Climate Crisis

Climate Crisis is a chunky graffiti font that has a strong look that is very unique. Its rounded letters and bold look are incredibly eye-catching and unique.

Climate Crisis Google Font Example

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Sonsie One

Sonsie One is a graffiti font that has rounded letters and a more curved and flowing appearance that has a less serious feel to it. I could see this font being used in graffiti found in a coastal town or surfer’s destination.

Sonsie One Google Font Example

Rubik Wet Paint

Rubik Wet Paint also has the appearance of dripping paint so it adds a sense of motion and spontaneity to designs.

Rubik Web Paint Google Font Example


Lacquer is a graffiti font that is edgy and spontaneous. Its letters are messy and they look like they have been written without much care which gives the font a rebellious twist. You will notice that some of its letters also have the look of dripping ink or paint.

Lacquer Google Font Example

Miltonian Tattoo

Miltonian Tattoo is a font inspired by traditional tattoo lettering and it has an artistic feel to it.

Miltonian Tattoo Google Font Example

Finger Paint

Finger Paint mimics the look of letters created by using finger paint. While not a bold and in-your-face graffiti font, it could work well for smaller paragraph text.

Finger Paint Google Font Example

Beth Ellen

Beth Ellen is a rebellious-looking handwritten graffiti-style font that is bold and messy and could be a good option if you are looking for a graffiti script font for your designs.

Beth Ellen Google Font Example


Bokor is a cool graffiti font with a distinct and angular style. It has bold letters that have an edgy feel to them that is powerful and dynamic.

Bokor Google Font Example

New Rocker

New Rocker is a graffiti font that is inspired by the rebellious and bold spirit of rock and heavy metal. It is edgy and energetic and is a great graffiti font option for designs related to music or concerts that need a raw, electrifying look and feel.

New Rocker Google Font Example

Rubik Vinyl

Rubik Vinyl captures the feel of vintage or retro vinyl records and it has more of a nostalgic feel. It could work well for urban designs where you want to give your urban design a retro vibe.

Rubik Vinyl Google Font Example

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Stalinist One

Stalinist One is a graffiti font that is strong with an almost futuristic dystopian feel to it and it is a great choice for designs that need a powerful and impactful presence.

Stalinist One Google Font Example

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Rubik Burned

Rubik Burned is another font in the Rubik family of fonts but this one has a burned or scorched appearance that looks rugged and weathered. It has a raw feel to it that can add a touch of intensity or rebellion to a design.

Rubik Burned Google Font Example

Where To Use Graffiti Google Fonts

Google Graffiti Fonts can be used in any design to add a touch of urban style and raw energy. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  1. Logos and Branding – If you have a business that is wanting to create a bold urban identity then using graffiti fonts in your logo and branding material is a great idea! This is especially true if you are targeting a young and vibrant audience that loves streetwear, music, and urban culture.
  2. Merchandise and Clothing – You will often see graffiti fonts being used in the fashion industry for streetwear brands and merchandise. From t-shirts to hoodies, to sneakers, these fonts have a way of infusing any design with an urban aesthetic that is very appealing to the right audience.
  3. Social Media Graphics – You can enhance your social media posts by using eye-catching graffiti fonts. This is especially true for platforms like Instagram where visual impact is so important.
  4. Website Design – You can incorporate graffiti fonts into your website design to add to the dynamic look and feel of your typography. Use these fonts in headers, titles, or specific sections to catch your audience’s attention.
  5. Graphic Design and Illustrations – You can use graffiti fonts in posters, flyers, banners, adverts, and stickers where you want your work to stand out.


As you have seen, the Google Fonts library has a few really awesome free fonts that you can use in graffiti-inspired urban-style designs. Ranging from bold and rebellious to more flowing and energetic. I hope this article has given you a few ideas to play with as you work on your designs, branding, or website!

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