23 Futuristic Font Ideas For Cyberpunk Themes

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Futuristic, Cyberpunk-inspired Google fonts are perfect for any design where you want to create a futuristic sci-fi feel. These futurist fonts are eye-catching and have bold designs with geometric shapes that are perfect for user interfaces, space-themed events, book covers, and posters where you want to add a feeling of technological advancement and innovation to your designs.

In this article, you will find a collection of some of the best futuristic Google fonts I could find. Each font is free to download from the Google Fonts library so it is easy to download and use them right away!

But before we take a look at these fonts…


Futuristic and Cyberpunk Google Font Ideas Pinterest Pin

If you are new to Google Fonts, then check out our detailed Google Fonts FAQs!

The Best Futuristic Google Fonts

Without further ado, let’s jump in and take a look at some of the great futuristic font choices you will find in the Google Fonts library!


Orbitron is one of the most popular futuristic Google fonts! It has sleek lines and geometric edges that make it really stand out.

Orbitron Example

Zen Dots

Zen Dots is a scifi Google font that has a very unique look – check out the styling of the upper case G, M, O, Q, W, and X letters! It has a distinct Cyberpunk vibe that can’t be ignored!

Zen Dots Example
Zen Dots Uppercase Example

Turret Road

Turret Raod is unusual and unique and it comes in six different styles ranging from ExtraLight to ExtraBold.

Turret Road Example


Michroma is clean, easy-to-read and impactful.

Michroma Example


Audiowide has a retro-futurisim vibe that also captures the essence of Cyberpunk!

Audiowide Example


Baumans has more of a rounded feel to it.

Baumans Example


Rajdhani comes in five styles ranging from light to bold so it can be used for headlines as well as paragraph text. It is quite a narrow font so it can be used in places where your space is limited.

Rajdhani Example

Exo 2

Exo 2 comes in a wide range of font weights and styles – there are 15 altogether! They range from thin all the way to Black with italic fonts also included.

Exo 2 Google Font Example

Expletus Sans

Expletus Sans has a stencil-type vibe to it and it can be used for both body and headline text.

Expletus Font Example


Revalia is a futuristic Google font that has unique letters with a modern sci-fi feel.

Revalia Example

Syne Mono

Syne Mono has a slightly weathered look to it. It makes me think about the lettering that might appear on spaceships that have been abandoned on far-off desert planets!

Syne Mono Example

Atomic Age

Atomic Age is more of a stylized font that is inspired by vintage-style sci-fi comics and novels.

Atomic Age Example

Cute Font

Cute Font is an unusual Google font that I wanted to include here because I find its uneven yet angular letters so intriguing.

I’m not sure if I would typically describe this font as being cute, but if you are looking for really cute Google font ideas then check out our quirky, cute, pretty & fun Google Fonts collection!

Cute Font Example


Iceberg has sharp edges that are geometric in shape.

Iceberg Google Font Example


Similar to Iceberg, the Iceland Google font also has sharp edges however, its wider letters and geometric feel give it a more simple look and feel.

Iceland font Example

Keania One

Keania One is a stencil-style Google font that has a very distinctive look to it. It can be used in designs where you want to create a futuristic military vibe.

Keania One Example

Libre Barcode 39

No futuristic font article would be complete without a barcode font! The Libre Barcode Google font family comes in six different styles which include the bar codes and letters or just the barcodes on their own.

Libre Barcode 39 Font Example


Stalinist is a bold Google font that can be used as a science fiction font or any design where you need a unique futuristic font that grabs your audience’s attention. Google Fonts describes the Stalinist font like this:

Imagine a post-apocalyptic world in the future. Imagine hiding in the underground: people, dirty air and despair. To transfer information, they still use fonts. But they have become simple, with a utilitarian and strong spirit. Stalinist is typeface for a post-apocalyptic time. Stalinist is a font made in Moscow at the end of the 21st century. That’s the way it is.

Google Fonts
Stalinist Font Example


Syncopate has unconventional and unique styling that is clean, modern, and sleek.

Syncopate Example


VT323 is a pixelated Google font that captures the essence of vintage computing. It adds a touch of authenticity to tech-themed designs and although it has more of a retro and nostalgic feel to it, I would say that it could be used as a futuristic font in the right design.

VT323 Font Example


Wallpoet is another stencil Google font that could be used to capture the feeling of space-style typography on spaceships, space capsules, or containers.

Wallpoet Font Example

Space Mono

Space Mono is very versatile futuristic Google font that has clean lines and is easy to read.

Space Mono Google Font Example

Rubik Glitch

I really like Rubik Glitch and I think it could work really well in the right futuristic design! It has an unsettling feel to it and it could also work well as a scary or Halloween Font. Its Cyberpunk design has the look of a glitching monitor or display where all isn’t as it should be. Spaceship electronics malfunction anyone?!

Rubik Glitch Example

What Are Futuristic Fonts?

Futuristic fonts are fonts that initially drew their inspiration from sci-fi literature and cinema. They are characterized by their bold, sleek, and unconventional designs that often have clean lines, geometric shapes, and sharp angles giving them a modern feel that is unique and visually appealing. They can range in style from bold and impactful to more sleek and minimalist so you are sure to find a futuristic font to suit your design.


Using futuristic Google fonts is a great way to visually capture the essence of futuristic and cyberpunk design and technology. And if you are looking for more ideas then check out our Google graffiti font collection for more inspiration!

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