The Complete Hunter Green Color Guide: Hex Codes & Swatches Included

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Today we are going to take a look at the enchanting hunter green color! It is a beautiful shade of green that has deep, earthy tones that truly embody the essence of nature – rolling hills, lush green forests, and shaded glens!

Hunter green gets its name from the traditional clothing worn by hunters – I personally am reminded of Robin Hood and his band of merry men when I see this color!

In this article, we are going to take a look at what the hunter green color looks like, along with what colors it works well with. As always, I’ve included color swatches and hex color codes so that you can begin using the colors you like right away!

Let’s jump in!

What Color Is Hunter Green?

Hunter green is a deep, dark shade of green that has a very distinct earthy green feel to it. It has very subtle black undertones with some saying that they even can see slight blue undertones. It has a sense of richness to it and depending on how it is used, it can convey a sense of sophistication and elegance.

It is seen as a cool color so it tends to be calming, relaxing, and invigorating. I think that its strong association with the natural world magnifies these qualities even more!

What Does Hunter Green Look Like?

Hunter green looks like the darker shades of green that you find in lush forests. It is a more subdued and muted shade of green that falls on the darker end of the green color spectrum.

This is what Hunter Green looks like:

Hunter Green
Hex Code: #355E3B
RGB Value: RGB(53,94,59)

How To Mix Hunter Green

In art, hunter green is created by starting with a green base and then adding small amounts of either blue or black to the base color. The more blue or black you use the darker the base color will become. Some people also have success mixing small amounts of purple instead of using blue or black.

Is Hunter Green A Cool Or A Warm Color?

Hunter Green is generally considered to be a cool color along with other cool colors such as different shades of purple, blue, and green.

Unlike warm colors such as red, orange, and yellow which tend to be associated with feelings of warmth and energy, the hunter green color, along with the other cool colors, tends to be associated with feelings of calm, serenity, and coolness.

Where Is Hunter Green Found On The Color Wheel?

On the color wheel, hunter green is found within the green spectrum of colors with it having more of a darker shade to it.

Hunter green on the color wheel
Hunter Green On The Color Wheel

Hunter Green RGB Color Code

RGB color codes are used to precisely select a specific color and the code is in the following format: RGB(RR,GG,BB).

Hunter Green RGB color code: RGB(53,94,59).

Hunter Green Hex Code

Hex codes are displayed in the following format #RRGGBB specifying how much red, green, and blue are within a color.

The Hunter Green hex color code is #355E3B.


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Color Comparisons

There is sometimes confusion as to what color hunter green is and what colors it is similar to. Here we have put together color comparison swatches so that you can see what it looks like alongside these other common colors.

Hunter Green vs Emerald Green

Emerald Green is a bright shade of green that is just like the gemstone that it is named after. It has a vivid color that is a lot lighter than Hunter Green which is deeper, darker, and more muted.

To compare, this is what Emerald Green looks like alongside Hunter Green:

Hunter Green
Hex Code: #355E3B
RGB Value: RGB(53,94,59)

Emerald Green

Hunter Green vs Forest Green

Forest Green is lighter than the hunter green color and it tends to have more of a yellowish undertone compared to hunter green’s more bluish undertones.

This is what hunter green looks like vs emerald green:

Hunter Green
Hex Code: #355E3B
RGB Value: RGB(53,94,59)

Forest Green

Hunter Green vs Olive Green

Olive green is also lighter than hunter green but it has a much more distinct yellow quality to it. And although both colors have earthy qualities to them I’d say that olive green seems more grounded with its brown undertones.

This is what olive green and hunter green look like:

Hunter Green
Hex Code: #355E3B
RGB Value: RGB(53,94,59)

Olive Green
Hex Code: #708238
RGB Code: RGB(112,130,56)

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Hunter Green vs Sage Green

Sage green is a much softer and more muted shade of green and it has grayish undertones. Hunter green is a lot darker but that’s not to say that they don’t complement each other well. I personally love the combination of hunter green and sage green.

This is what they look like alongside each other:

Hunter Green
Hex Code: #355E3B
RGB Value: RGB(53,94,59)

Sage Green
Hex Code: #9AAB89
RGB Code: RGB(154,171,137)

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Hunter Green vs Kelly Green

Kelly green is a rather bright shade of green that is vibrant and bold and it is a lot lighter than the darker and more muted shade of hunter green.

This is what Kelly Green looks like vs Hunter Green:

Hunter Green
Hex Code: #355E3B
RGB Value: RGB(53,94,59)

Kelly Green

Hunter Green VS Teal

Teal is a mixture of blue and green and you can see this clearly in the color swatches down below. Its blue undertone is a lot more visible and many people often don’t know whether teal is blue or green! If you like the color teal, don’t forget to check out our teal color guide!

This is what teal vs hunter green looks like:

Hunter Green
Hex Code: #355E3B
RGB Value: RGB(53,94,59)


Hunter Green Color Shades, Tints & Tones

Hunter green shades, tones, and tints really open up the way in which you can use it! Here are examples of each:

Hunter Green Shades

You can create different shades of hunter green by adding black to the base color. This will result in darker and deeper shades of the base color.

Here are a few examples of different Hunter Green shades:

Hunter Green Shades

Hunter Green Tints

Unlike shades, tints make the base color look lighter and brighter by adding white. Beautiful variations of the color are created in this way that have a softer feel to them.

Here are a few color swatches and hex colors for different tint colors.

Hunter Green Tints

How To Create Hunter Green Tones

You can create different hunter green tones by combining the base color with gray. This creates muted more subdued colors.

Hunter Green Tones

There are a number of other colors that are similar to hunter green that you can either use in place of it or alongside it. Here are a few examples to get you started!

Hunter Green

Dark Hunter Green

Army Green

Fern Green


Russian Green

Rifle Green

Reseda Chartreuse

What Colors Go Well With Hunter Green?

Hunter Green works well with quite a few other colors. We’ve already seen how well it works with sage green but what other colors could you use with it?

My favorite colors to pair with hunter green are neutrals such as white, beige, cream, or gray colors. These color combinations go well with it because they create a classic look that is timeless and elegant.

However, hunter green can work with lots of other colors depending on the look and feel you are going for. Here are a few of the more scientific color combinations that you can consider. Remember to always play with tints, tones, and shades of these colors to create the perfect color mix that isn’t too overpowering.

Hunter Green Complementary Colors

Complementary colors create contrast in color palettes. These colors are found opposite each other on the color wheel. In this case, a purplish color complements it beautifully. Both colors are muted and have an elegant feel to them.



Monochromatic Hunter Green Color Combinations

Monochromatic color combinations and color schemes use shades and tints of the base color which creates balanced and harmonious color palettes. For more ideas check out the shades and tints color swatches up above.




Analogous Hunter Green Color Combinations

These colors are found next to each other on the color wheel. In this case, we have two colors that are very similar to the base color.




Triadic Hunter Green Color Combinations

Triadic colors are those that are evenly spaced out on the color wheel. An indigo color works beautifully with a shade of brown to create this color scheme.




Hunter Green Tetradic Color Combinations

Tetradic color palettes use four complementary colors creating a combination of colors that contrast against each other really well. Here a shade of navy blue is used along with a purplish colored complementary color and a russet-colored brown.





Hunter Green Color Meaning

Just like traditional green, hunter green also has many of the same qualities that you would find in green. These include:

  • Calming – Just like other cool colors, hunter green is considered to be a calming color that makes people feel a sense of serenity and tranquility. Using it creates a peaceful ambiance when it is used in interior design.
  • Balancing – This dark deep color has a balancing effect and it can symbolize stability and it gives people a feeling of being grounded.
  • Connection to nature – Just looking at hunter green gives you a cool earthy feeling and it helps many people feel a deep connection with nature.
  • Sophistication – Hunter green’s deep rich color is often associated with elegance and refinement. It has a timeless feel to it which makes it a popular color for high-end products.
  • Traditional – Just like various shades of brown, hunter green also is associated with tradition and heritage. It is a popular choice in vintage designs where you want to create a feeling of nostalgia.


If you are looking for a calm, cool color that still has a touch of elegance and style then hunter green might just be the color for you! Likewise, if you are choosing colors for a brand that is focused on natural, eco-friendly, or sustainable products then you should definitely consider using it.

Will you be using hunter green in your designs or on your website? Let me know in the comments section below!

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