55+ Happy Shades Of Yellow: A Guide to Yellow Hex Codes and RGB Values

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Yellow is a bright warm color that makes us feel happy, optimistic, and positive! There are hundreds of shades of yellow that you can see in nature every day – from flowers to fruits to sunsets, you really can’t deny the positive effect that yellow can have on people!

Just like red and orange, yellow is a warm color used to grab attention in marketing. And in branding, it is used to convey a sense of enthusiasm, positivity, and energy.

Fun fact! Ever wondered why post-it notes are yellow? It is no coincidence! Researchers have found that yellow boosts people’s memories! It’s no surprise then that the company, Post-it, not only uses yellow in their logo and branding but also in their products. Clever!

In this article, we will look at some of the most popular yellow color names and their corresponding yellow hex codes and RGB values which you can use when building your website or deciding on a brand color palette. Whether you are looking for a pale yellow, a dark mustard yellow, or a bold sunflower yellow we’ve got you covered!

Yellow Hex Codes

Hex codes are six-digit codes that represent different colors depending on the amount of red, green, and blue they contain. All hex codes start with the hashtag symbol followed by six characters that represent the intensity of the red, green, and blue in that color – Zero represents no color while the letter F tells us that the color is fully saturated.

Hex color codes are displayed in the following format: #RRGGBB

Changing the values for red, green, and blue will change the color.

The hex color code for yellow is #FFFF00.

Yellow is a combination of the red hex code (#FF0000) and the green hex code (#00FF00) and from the yellow hex code above you can see that to create yellow the red and green values are fully saturated. Yellow contains no blue hence the zero hex values for blue in the yellow hex code.

Yellow RGB Color Codes

RGB color codes are similar to Hex codes in that they also represent colors by using values for the intensity of red, green, and blue in a color. RGB values start at 0 (no color) and end at 255 (fully saturated color).

The RGB code for yellow is RGB(255, 255, 0)


Shades Of Yellow Color Codes Table With Yellow Color Names, Hex Codes And RGB Values

True Yellow Color Swatch

The brightest and most intense shade of yellow is known as true yellow. True yellow is created when red and green are fully saturated while there is no blue at all. This is what true yellow looks like:

True Yellow
Hex Code: #FFFF00
RGB Code: RGB(255, 255, 0)

Yellow Hex Color Chart

While true yellow is made up of only red and green, when you change the amount of each color and even had a little bit of blue you change the shade of yellow that is created. Here is a color chart of some of the most popular yellow colors that you can use.

Color NameHex Color CodeRGB Color Code
Bronze Yellow#737000rgb(115, 112, 0)
Camouflage Yellow#978942rgb(151, 137, 66)
Olive Yellow#9D8F65rgb(157, 143, 101)
Ochre Yellow#B5904Brgb(181, 144, 75)
Dijon#C49102rgb(196, 145, 2)
Satin Sheen Gold#CBA135rgb(203, 161, 53)
Lemon Curry#CCA01Drgb(204, 160, 29)
Old Yellow#C8AF55rgb(200, 175, 85)
Trombone#D2B55Brgb(210, 181, 91)
Hazelnut#BDA55Drgb(189, 165, 93)
Fawn#C8A951rgb(200. 169. 81)
Granola#D6B85Argb(214, 184, 90)
Biscotti#E3C565rgb(227, 197, 101)
Sandcastle#DAC17Crgb(218, 193, 124)
Oat#DFC98Argb(223, 201, 138)
Hazel Wood#C9BB8Ergb(201, 187. 142)
Tan#E6DBACrgb(230, 219, 172)
Sand Dollar#EDE8BArgb(237, 232, 186)
Oyster#DCD7A0rgb(220, 215, 160)
Dusty Yellow#D4CC9Argb(212, 204, 154)
Parmesan#FDE992rgb(253, 233, 146)
Macaroon#F9E076rgb(249, 224, 118)
Egg Nog#FAE29Crgb(250, 226, 156)
Beige#EEDC9Argb(238, 220, 154
Buttermilk#FDEFB2rgb(253, 239, 178)
Yellow Orange#D56F00rgb(213, 111, 0)
Mineral Yellow#D39C43rgb(211, 156, 67)
Maize Yellow#DB9100rgb(219, 145, 0)
Broom Yellow#DBA400rgb(219, 164, 0)
Goldenrod#DAA520rgb(218, 165, 32)
Vintage Yellow#CBA92Brgb(203, 169, 43)
Dark Yellow#D5B60Argb(213, 182, 10)
Yellow Jasmine#CEB00Drgb(206, 176, 13)
Dull Yellow#DECA57rgb(222, 202, 87)
Muted Yellow#E0D268rgb(224, 210, 104)
Pale Lime Yellow#DFE69Frgb(223, 230, 159)
Pale Goldenrod#EEE8AArgb(238, 232, 170)
Pale Yellow#FFFFA7rgb(255, 255, 167)
Very Pale Yellow#FFFFBFrgb(255, 255, 191)
Cream#FFFFCCrgb(255, 255, 204)
Light Yellow#FFFFE0rgb(255, 255, 224)
Tender Yellow#EDEEB7rgb(237, 238, 183)
Faded Yellow#ECE3A1rgb(236, 227, 161)
Flax#EEDC82rgb(238, 220, 130)
Matte Yellow#EDD94Crgb(237, 217, 76)
Sandstorm#ECD540rgb(236, 213, 64)
Titanium Yellow#EEE600rgb(238, 230, 0)
Yellow#FFFF00rgb(255, 255, 0)
Sunshine Yellow#FFFD37rgb(255, 253, 55)
Unmellow Yellow#FFFF66rgb(255, 255, 102)
Pastel Yellow#FFFE71rgb(255, 254, 113)
Butter#FFFD74rgb(255, 253, 116)
Sunflower#FFDA03rgb(255, 218, 3)
British Yellow#EDC001rgb(237, 192, 1)
Colza Yellow#EEB700rgb(238, 183, 0)
Tangerine Yellow#FFCC00rgb(255, 204, 0)
Gold#FFD700rgb(255, 215, 0)
Banana#FFE135rgb(255, 225, 53)
Safety Yellow#EED202rgb(238, 210, 2)
Earth Yellow#E1A95Frgb(225, 169, 95)
Deep Napoli Yellow#FFCF99rgb(255, 207, 153)
Fluorescent Yellow#CCFF00rgb(204, 255, 0)
Neon Yellow#CFFF04rgb(207, 255, 4)
Chartreuse#DFFF00rgb(223, 255, 0)

Companies That Use Yellow In Their Logos And Branding

Yellow is a very popular color for branding and marketing because it is so bright and it tends to grab people’s attention. Because of this, many companies have used yellow in their logos and branding to create a sense of warmth, friendliness, cheerfulness, and positivity for their brand.

Probably one of the best examples of yellow in branding is for McDonald’s. No matter where you are in the world, McDonald’s giant golden yellow arches are instantly recognizable! However, there are many companies that are taking advantage of yellow’s friendly vibe, here are just a few of them.

Comanies With Yellow Logos And Branding
Best Buy, Denny’s, Ferrari, Subway, National Geographic, Snapchat, CAT, Post-it, Nikon, Chupa Chups, McDonald’s


Yellow is an awesome color to use if you are building a website or choosing your brand colors and want to convey a sense of fun energy and optimism. Whether you’re looking for a pastel yellow hex code or a neon yellow RGB code there are many different shades of yellow to choose from so you are sure to find a yellow color that suits your brand’s personality!

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