9 Beautiful Burgundy Color Palettes (With Hex Codes)

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I don’t know about you but when I think of burgundy I think of school uniforms and wine! Not a likely combination I know! However, don’t be fooled, burgundy is a really versatile color that can be used in so many different ways!

Burgundy is a deep rich shade of red that has a slight purple tint to it. People often tend to associate burgundy color palettes with luxury, elegance, and quality and it is a popular color choice in fashion, interior design, and business branding.

In this article, we are going to take a look at a few beautiful burgundy color palettes that you can use for inspiration if you are wanting to use this gorgeous shade of red in your business branding or on your website.

Burgundy Hex Code And RGB Value

Burgundy is created by mixing red with small amounts of blue. Of course, the amount of blue you add will determine the shade that is created.

This is what burgundy looks like:

Hex Code: #800020
RGB Value: RGB(128,0,32)

Shades Of Burgundy

Depending on how much blue and red you use, you can create many different shades of burgundy. Here are a couple of the most popular burgundy colors that you can use in your burgundy color palettes:

Red Burgundy

Old Burgundy


Burgundy Wine


What Is The Difference Between Burgundy And Maroon?

While burgundy and maroon look very similar they are created differently. Burgundy is created by adding blue to red and it has a purplish undertone whereas maroon is made by adding brown colors to red.

This is what burgundy looks like versus maroon:

Hex Code: #800020
RGB Value: RGB(128,0,32)


Burgundy Color Palettes

Here you will find a few burgundy color palettes that I hope will inspire you! If you are looking for more color palette ideas, don’t forget to check out the color palette library where you can also search for color palettes by color!

Burgundy And Dusty Pinks

Burgundy and maroon both work really well with different shades of dusty pink! Use them together to create a warm and harmonious color palette.

Burgundy, red and dusty pink palette

Burgundy, Pink, And Cream Palette

This color palette is similar to the one above except that it has a lighter feel about it with lighter pinks and a contrasting cream color.


Burgundy, Black, And Red Palette

If you are looking for a dark and moody palette then this might be just the one you want! Black is used alongside shades of red and a lighter brown shade that can be used as accent colors.


Burgundy And Gray Palette

Gray works really well with just about every shade of red and this color palette shows how you can use them together to create a harmonious palette that could work well in even corporate environments.

Burgundy and gray color palette

Burgundy And Green Color Palette

Red and green color combinations also simply can’t be ignored! This beautiful color palette adds a dark jungle green color along with sage green to create a sophisticated look and feel.

Burgundy, red and jungle green, sage green color palette

Burgundy, Orange, Yellow And Blue Palette

Deep shades of red combine really well with just about every shade of blue out there creating an eye-catching contrast of color. They also however work just as well with brighter shades of orange and yellow that are warm and cheerful.


Teal And Burgundy Color Palette

This is a color combination I certainly didn’t think about right away! Use teal to create a beautiful bright contrast in color. Add a splash of yellow to lighten things up and you have a winning combination!

If you love the look of teal, don’t forget to check out our teal color palettes here!

Burgundy and teal color palette

Burgundy, Olive Brown, And Cream Palette

I think that this is one of my favorite color palettes in this collection! It has a lovely earthy and natural feel to it with its combination of olive green, mustard yellows, and lighter cream colors.


Black, Burgundy, Yellow, And White

If you are looking for a lighter color palette with darker accent colors then this could be the one you are looking for! A lighter shade of black contrasts against the lighter colors in the palette giving it a lighter feel compared to some of the other palettes in this set.



Burgundy color palettes are beautiful and bold and with so many colors you can pair with both burgundy and maroon, you are sure to find a color combination that works for you!

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