17+ Vibrant Orange Color Palettes

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Orange is a warm, vibrant color that people often associate with energy and happiness, and because many also associate it with autumn, it can also represent transition and change. Orange color palettes are a popular choice because they are eye-catching and draw attention.

For this article, I’ve created a collection of orange color palette ideas that you can use for inspiration and each color palette comes with color swatches and hex color codes so that you can begin using specific colors within your digital journal right away!

Also, don’t forget to check out our complete collection of orange color codes if you are looking for more orange colors for your themes and designs.

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Orange Color Palette Collection

Let’s get started with our orange color palette collection! And don’t forget to check out our full color palette library where you can also search for a color palette by color!

Monochromatic Orange Color Palette

First up is a monochromatic orange color combination that uses a range of different orange colors to create a harmonious and natural color palette.

Monochromatic orange and brown color palette

Sunrise Color Palette

This palette takes advantage of strongly contrasted dark and light orange colors. Black is contrasted against yellow and burgundy to create a bright and vibrant color scheme.

Black, maroon, burnt orange and yellow color palette

White and Light Orange Color Palette

This color scheme is similar to the previous one with the exception that the colors used are less bright. Combining light orange with white and a dark brown color a beautiful contrast of colors is created.

Brown, orange, yellow and white color palette

Bright Orange Color Combination

Bright yellows are combined with a burgundy-red color to create a bright and vibrant color combination. Add white or a lighter shade of gray to round it off.

Bright orange, maroon, orange, yellow and white palette

Gray With Burnt Orange Color Accent

If you are looking for a more neutral and natural color palette then this might be the one for you! Cool grays are combined with a bright splash of burnt orange as an accent color creating a showstopping contrast of colors.

Gray and orange color palette

Pastel Blue And Light Orange Color Palette

This color combination is a great choice for those who would like a more muted color scheme that doesn’t use shades that are too bright or bold shades. Combine light orange with pastel blue and a light gray shade and you have a soft pastel color palette that is calming and soothing.

Pastel blue, pastel orange and gray color palette

Soft Rainbow Color Palette

This gorgeous rainbow color palette uses blue, green, pink, and yellow as its main colors. While not strictly an orange color palette, I wanted to include it because it shows how beautifully these rainbow colors work together and it is perfect if you want to create a light, bright, and playful vibe.

Orange, yellow, blue, green and pink rainbow color palette

Burgundy, Orange, And Green

Burgundy mixes well with just about every shade of green and this color scheme shows how all three colors can be used together.

Don’t forget to check out our other burgundy color palettes if you want more ideas on what colors go well with burgundy.

Burgundy, burnt orange, yellow, green and teal color palette

Floral Inspired Red, Green, and Orange Color Palette

Green and red are complementary colors on the color wheel so they create a strong color contrast when used together. Add burnt orange and a darker shade of yellow to the mix and you have a beautiful color combination!

Floral green and orange color palette

Lime Green Accent

If you are looking for something with a very bright contrasting accent color, then you could try adding a bright pop of lime green as an accent color to an otherwise monochrome orange color palette.

Orange, lime green and brown color palette

Purple, Green, And Orange Palette

Instead of using darker brown, maroon, or black colors as your base color, try using purple! This color combination shows how you can use a dark purple color to contrast against burnt orange, dark forest green, and an olive green color.

Purple, burnt orange, yellow and green palette

Autumn Color Palette

No orange color palette collection would be complete without an autumn-inspired color palette! Black, brown, and maroon are combined with a burnt orange and light orange shade to create this beautiful natural color combination.

Autumn color palette with burnt orange and light orange

Red And Orange Palette

This bright red color combination makes me think of a blazing hot fire! It certainly is eye-catching and bold with light orange toning it down a bit.

Hot orange, maroon and red palette

Burgundy, Pink, And Orange Color Palette

Another color combination that works really nicely is created when you mix different shades of pink and orange! Throw in a little burgundy into the mix as a base color and you have a winning combination!

Pink and orange color palette

Hot Pink And Hot Orange

If you are looking for a bright neon-colored palette then you should definitely consider using hot pink combined with hot orange! And don’t forget to check out our hot pink color palettes as well as our pink and black color palettes if you are looking for more strongly contrasted color combinations.

Neon orange and hot pink color palette

Retro Purple And Burnt Orange Color Palette

Retro color palettes are back! This purple and burnt orange color combination shows how well these colors work together to create a retro vibe.

Retro orange and purple color palette

Corporate Orange and Teal Palette

If you are looking for a strong color combination for a corporate-type environment then you should definitely consider using a hot orange color and teal! If you like teal, then don’t forget to check out our other teal color palettes for more ideas!

Corporate blue, teal and orange palette

Ocean-Inspired Blue And Orange Color Palette

Mother Nature is truly the very best color palette creator out there! Check out this beautiful earthy and organic color combination that is perfect for nature journals where you want to create an earthy vibe.

Blue and orange summer color palette


Orange color palettes are versatile and dynamic and can be used for just about any design project, from home decor to branding and I hope that these color palettes have helped you come up with some great journaling color ideas!

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